“Clown Prince” obama’s March 1st Weekly Blather
District of Corruption
March 1, 2014
    In my State of the Union Address, I said that the best measure  of opportunity is access to a good job.  And after the worst recession of our  lifetimes, our businesses have created eight and a half million new jobs in the  last four years.
    But we need to do more to make America a magnet for good jobs for the  future.  And in this year of action, where Congress won’t do that, I will do  whatever I can to expand opportunity for more Americans.  This week, I took two  actions to attract new jobs to America – jobs in American manufacturing, and  jobs rebuilding America’s infrastructure.
    Here’s why this is important.  In the 2000s alone, we lost more than  one-third of all American manufacturing jobs.  One in three.  And when the  housing bubble burst, workers in the construction industry were hit harder than  just about anybody.  The good news is, today, our manufacturers have added more  than 620,000 jobs over the last four years – the first sustained growth in  manufacturing jobs since the 1990s.
Even for those perennial ‘KoolAid drinkers,’ this bullshit has to be hard to swallow!  Every policy that’s been instituted by my regime has had~~as it’s first priority~~the destruction of as many jobs as possible, by design.  obamaKare has destroyed the most, closely followed by my inept, amateurish handling of the general economy.  Magnetism~~as it relates to my jobs policies~~has been negated by the continued confiscatory-level personal and business tax rates; the DOZENS of new obamaKare taxes, fees, et al; the pure waste of the many~~and on-going~~disguised bailouts which actually rewarded my supporters, donors, bundlers and staffs.  While I could go on-and-on, I won’t bore you with the many egregious ways I waste the country’s finances.
Jobs in America is becoming a concept of the past!  Look at the latest obamacRATics’ buzz-word in the promotion of obamaKare:  “Job-Lock!”  Now, one doesn’t necessarily have to be employed to have health care-thanks to obamaKare!  Said newly unemployed person is now free to explore his/her ambition like painting, tanning animal skins, professional demolition-derby driving, and many, many other personally-important endeavors.
BUT…. What happens when obamaKare goes the way of welfare, which already has more ‘takers’ than ‘makers?’  Who pays for the shortfall?  Please don’t tell me “the government!”  With a $17.4 TRILLION national debt~~even with Speaker John Boehner rolling-over-and-playing-dead at every fiscal juncture~~there’s no new sources for more money to piss away!
Try using BING or Google to find statistics on my dismal, inept, amateurish jobs creation, savings aresults nd you discover that most information is either cleaverly hidden or certainly not current to any reasonable point.  In the FIRST FOUR MONTHS (Feb-May, 2009) after my immaculation, my regime LOST 2,198,000 jobs…. and that’s just February through May!  Another telling statistic is the ‘Labor Participation Rate’ which~~under MY tutelage~~is at it’s lowest point in recorded history: 63.20%, and that’s only through 09/06/2013!!  While my jobs plans may look positive on their face, the ultimate goal is~~what it’s always been~~to slowly destroy the jobs markets as well as the American self-esteem, self-worth and the desire to succeed!!
    Still, the economy has changed.  If we want to attract more good  manufacturing jobs to America, we’ve got to make sure we’re on the cutting edge  of new manufacturing technologies and techniques.  And in today’s global  economy, first-class jobs gravitate to first-class infrastructure.
    That’s why, on Tuesday, I launched two new high-tech manufacturing hubs –  places where businesses and universities will partner to turn groundbreaking  research into real-world goods Made in America.  So far, we’ve launched four of  these hubs, where our workers can master 3-D printing, energy-efficient  electronics, lightweight metals, and digital manufacturing – all technologies  that can help ensure a steady stream of good jobs well into the 21st  century.
    Then on Wednesday, I launched a new competition to build 21st century  infrastructure – roads and bridges, mass transit, more efficient ports, and  faster passenger rail.  Rebuilding America won’t just attract new businesses; it  will create good construction jobs that can’t be shipped overseas.
    ‘Cutting-edge technologies’ is nothing more than an empty statement.  We first must have high school graduates that are prepared~~and have the desire~~for college level learning.  That’s not the case, today!  For decades, the federal education cabal has had one ‘one-size-fits-all’ program after another; none of which has had student success as it’s ACTUAL basis.  In anyone’s right mind, the students in rural Missouri will not have the same desires, success levels as some ‘hoity-toity‘ Beverly Hills high school, either positive or negative!!  Someone~~at some time~~will propose the abolition of the Departments of Education at both the federal and state level, a positive for all students in every segment of American society.  The students’ interests are best served at the lowest administrative level possible, in this case the county or school district level.  To the aforementioned points, not every high school student wants, needs to have a college degree to be successful.  The college degree myth is promoted by self-serving governments at every level.  Not only do governments control the student-loan scam but have done nothing to suggest that institutions control expense, tuition increases which are far beyond the hidden rate of inflation (currently, well above 5%!).  As has been pointed out~~ad nauseam~~amateurs like myself use ‘the scatter-shot’ method of governance: throwing ‘gobs of shit’ against the wall; see what sticks-go with that!!  In the past five years NOTHING GOOD has stuck!
Of course, Congress could make an even bigger difference in both areas.   Thanks to the leadership of a bipartisan group of lawmakers, there’s a bill in  Congress right now that would create an entire network of high-tech  manufacturing hubs all across the country.  And next week, I’ll send Congress a  budget that will rebuild our transportation systems and support millions of jobs  nationwide. 
    There’s a lot we can do if we work together.  And while Congress decides what  it’s going to do, I’m going to keep doing everything in my power to rebuild an  economy where everyone who works hard has the chance to get ahead – where we’re  restoring our founding vision of opportunity for all.
Both you and I know the obamacRATic definition of ‘bipartisan/bipartisanship:’  MY WAY OR THE HIWAY! Demanding that all opposition be ‘Boehner-esque,’ “roll-over-and-play-dead!”
Without the self-serving, inept leadership of Speaker Boehner, few if any of my scams would have ever seen the light-of-day.  We can create all the ‘high-tech manufacturing hubs’ we want, but if corporations remain offshore, what’ta hell good are they?!?  My brand of socio-fascism is the primary obstacle to growth in the American economy.