Has He Really Earned It?!?

    Look at the presidential approval ratings polls.

Look at the congressional approval ratings polls, both individually and collectively.  Very few have actually “earned their pay!”  I propose that they be paid thusly.

    The presidential pay is~~for you and I~~is a whoopin’ $400,000 PER YEAR, not per term-of-office.  For a few, way too much; for some, not nearly enough.  This doesn’t include the liberal personal travel allowances or the massive retirement-for-life benefits of that office.

[The congressional pay~~those NOT in leadership(?) positions~~is $174,000 again MOST times too much, sometimes too little.]

    Let’s look at “Clown Princeobama‘s numbers, just for “shits-and-giggles.”  For the aforementioned “shits-and-giggles,” let’s use Scott Rasmussen‘s Daily Tracking Poll (Trends).

After spending his first six-months in positive territory, Dear Leader fell into his usual negatives, only to venture out on three occasions to the present. 

As with a private-sector chief executive, the nation’s president’s compensation should be tied to his performance or lack thereof.  The “Clown Prince‘s” dismal-to-awful performance measurements should also be reflected in his compensation, maybe on a monthly basis.

Disregarding perquisites of the office, we’ll concentrate on Dear Leader‘s $400,000 in annual compensation only.  That breaks down to $33,333 per month, that breaks down to $8,333 per week, that breaks down $1,222 per day, that breaks down to $277 per hour, given that “Clown Princeobama works MAYBE six hours, MAYBE five days a week. 

Pretty good pay for a law school grad-student lecturer, aye?!?

According to Mr Rasmussen, during his first 11 days in office Dear Leader is a total of 64 points above 50% approve, 50% disapprove.  A daily point average is 5.81 points above 50%.  Thus his pay for the eleven days of January, 2009 should be 5.81% greater than $8,333 or $8,817.  Conversely, “Clown Princeobama would be docked pay by the same formula:

During his most recent week as ruler, the “Clown Prince” was a total of 104 points BELOW the 50% approve; 50% disapprove level.  So his pay should be docked 10.4%, with the new weekly pay being $7,467.  This is a far more equitable, far more pro-taxpayer than the full $400k for just sittin’ around with one’s feet on the Resolute Desk!!

That’s all I got.

Til Nex’Time….

Justin Case

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