Is There A Place For My Family?
Greg Burris, City Manager
800 Boonville Ave,
Springfield, Mo., 65802
Mr Burris,
As you’ve undoubtedly heard, my current governor, NY Governor AndrewKingCuomo stated that there is no place in HIS state for ‘extreme‘ conservatives like me and my family.  “KingCuomo is also attempting to ‘eradicate’ HIS state of any and all pro-lifers and gun-rights advocates, again like myself and my family.
Mr Burris, my family and I want nothing more than to live lives as productive members of an accepting community.  Although the “King” has pretty-much decimated the local and regional economies, the jobs markets, et al, we are hard-working people in need of jobs suitable to our experiences and abilities.  We have adequate-to-comfortable retirement investments and do not expect to be ‘drags’ on any community’s economy.
The Young Miss Lovely” and I have vacationed in the Springfield area for the past five or so, years.  We’ve come to enjoy each visit to your city, and longingly anticipate the next ‘road trip!’  If there’s a place for us and our beliefs, we intend to relocate to your area whether or not “KingCuomo approves funds to ex-patriate my family and those of like mind.
Justin Case
The Young Miss Lovely
Rochester, N.Y.