“King” Cuomo Doesn’t Want Us In HIS State!
After reading the “KingCuomo (KuuMO) piece reported in The Blaze (here), I’m sure the “King” is not considering the amount of taxes~~both personal and property~~that we conservatives, libertarians, constitutionalists, et al, are paying to support nothing but socio-fascist policies and positions.  In the past year my tax bill (city {Rochester} and school, ONLY) well north of $2,800 for a double-house.  I’ve just received my COUNTY (of Monroe) tax bill of $1,300-and-change.  For this, I get very little if any, representation in Albany or in Rochester or Monroe County for that matter.
Speaking of little-to-no representation, nearly every citizen in the state is in the same boat.  The state senate is controlled by replublicRATics while the state assembly (similar to US House of Reps) is under the thumb of the obamacRATics (formerly the democRATics-though there’s nothing democratic about the body or their philosophy!).  One need only to reference the NY SAFE Act to understand (here, here and here).  As for my continued residence in the Cuomo Regency~~to say the least~~is limited.  Limited by my continued place on this earth; limited by the length of time necessary to sell our double-house (anyone interested?!?) and to make the travel/moving arrangements.
Where will we go?  For the past 3-4 years we’ve been vacationing~~checking ‘the lay of the land’~~in the Springfield, Missouri, area and really like what we see.  If for no other reason, the property tax issue will make this the smartest move when combined with the people, the Midwestern mind set, the ‘jobs’ outlook, the general economy, the reduced “control-by-taxes” atmosphere, etc.  The aforementioned tax payments will equal about four-years’~~Yup! FOUR~~payments for a property (like this one, this one or this one) we both would choose.
So~~in conclusion~~I say to “KingCuomo:
“See ya; wouldn’t wanna be ya!!”
That’s all I got.
Til Nex’Time….
Justin Case