Lovely Warren Proving To Be Failing Amateur
Apparently the majority of Rochester’s voters thought~~and maybe STILL think~~Lovely Warren is up to the task of running the City of Rochester for the benefit of all it’s citizens.  Thus far Warren‘s amateurish governance~~much like our Dear Leader, “Clown Prince” obama~~is more self-aggrandizement than anything else.  Again like our Dear Leader, Ms Warren seems to have the impression she’s the smartest woman person in the room when clearly, that’s just not the case!
Initially~~in her early quests for political positions, particularly her mayoral campaign~~Ms Warren failed to disclose that her husband~~at 17~~was “the wheelman” in one of the area’s largest armed robberies (reportedly $900,000), a jewelry store heist.  When questioned, she poo-poo’ed it as just a “kids-will-be-kids” situation.
After her election to the mayorship, Ms Warren‘s shortcomings, nepotism and ill-advised choices come to the fore.  Prior to her choice of Spencer Ash as her Director of Neighborhood and Business Development, it didn’t occur to her to check~~or have her ‘vetting committee’ check~~his background.  On September 30 last, Mr Ash pled guilty to ‘driving-while-impaired’ having bargained the charge down from ‘driving-while-intoxicated.’  Borrowing an answer from “Clown Princeobama,  Ms Warren hadn’t heard of the charges/conviction until a reporter asked her!
Prior to his appointment as Ms Warren‘s corruption corporation counsel, T. Andrew Brown’s law firm made lot’sa money suing the City of Rochester.  While it’s highly unusual for a government lawyer, Mr Brown is going to maintain a working position with his firm.
Now we come to Ms Warren‘s moral and legal responsibilities.  While no other mayor in the city’s history ever thought their security was in jeopardy, Ms Warren created a ‘bodyguard’ position  with the fancy title of Director of Executive Services. Her uncle as her chief of security, her chauffeur~~Reggie Hill, city employee, $80,000 annually~~was stopped by the state police on the NY Thruway at the unnecessary speed of 97 mph in a 65 mph zone.  With Hill‘s limp excuse of “that’s what you do in executive protection situations,” was released WITHOUT a citation!  A couple of things I’d like to know:
Who is the trooper who did not cite Mr Hill‘s stupidity?  This individual should be at least given administrative punishment; at the most, dismissed from the State Police.
Why did Ms Warren allow this to happen?  Unlike “Clown Princeobama, she’s NOT above the law.  Does Ms Warren not realize she has the moral as well as the legal obligation to prevent actions like the “Reggie Hill stupidity” from happening?  At the least, ‘Uncle Reggie‘ should have a cuppla weeks off without pay; at the most ‘Uncle Reggie‘ should be fired.
Clearly, Lovely Warren is not up to the job of mayor nor is she up to the responsibilities of monitoring and controlling city employees.  Now might be the time for City Council to consider impeachment before Ms Warren‘s inept inexperience physically hurts someone.  Maybe the Council President should call Toronto’s City Council for help in reducing the position of Rochester Mayor to strickly ceremonial, much like Mayor Rob Ford‘s is.
In the singular incident of “Director of Executive Services, Stupid Reggie Hill‘s” complete idiocy while operating a city vehicle, the consequences very well could have been tragic!  A driver has but a second-and-a-half of reaction time to a potential accident.  At 97 mph, that 1.5 seconds translates to 218 feet, which translates to 72 yards, which translates to 3/4 of a football field, which translates to one helluva wreck!  It would have only taken one deer or one errant lane change for Rochester to look for a new mayor~~with some competence~~without imagined personality security issues.
That’s all I got.
Til Nex’Time….
Justin Case