As Usual, Politically Motivated!
As with everything else the obama Cabal tries, this too is politically motivated.  Ta’hell with the actual affects of a Promise(d) Zone on those who happen to live in said zone, it’s all about the zone’s voters and how they~~said cabal~~can sway the vote in future elections.  As with most of “Clown Princeobama‘s previous initiatives, this too has been tried on several previous occasions, under several actual presidents with lackluster results.  There has been at least one startling difference tho’:  obama is putting far more politics into his plan than has the previous actual presidents.  This~~invariably~~will bear as much fruit as all his previous promises, like “If you like your plan….” and other lies, remember those gems?!?
The promise zones are in areas needing a swayed vote, or in the case of Oklahoma practically ANY increase in votes at all!  In Oklahoma’s case, the “Clown Prince” carried NOT ONE COUNTY, with Governor Romney whoopin’ his ass in the entire state (889k to 442k votes!).  Dear Leader~~”Clown Princeobama~~is hoping the ‘Tea Partyvoices will be further stifled~~beyond the IRS intrusion on free speech~~by the votes purchased with the presumed affects of said ‘zones.’  To be convinced of the obama Cabal‘s plan one need look no further than the cities, areas where the ‘promise zones’ will be located!
Subsidizing any sort of behavior will beget more of the same behavior.  The federal government has been ‘subsidizing’ poverty, race, unemployment, green energy, corn production/pricing, poor decision-making in the auto industry, et al, for decades now.  How’s that worked out for the American taxpayer, the country’s producer classes?!?  A look at LBJ‘s “War on Poverty” will tell you that any time the ruling class declares ‘war’ on anything, it’ll end up a dismal failure.  This 1999 article shows that after ‘only 35 years,’ the Johnson Fiasco was proven to be a dismal failure.  On the 50th Anniversary of said “War on Poverty,” statistically there are the same percentage of poor that there were at it’s inception:

(All) Americans 19% in ’64; 15% in ’14.
Children: 23% in ’64; 22% in ’14.

This is after nearly $20 TRILLION spent over 50 years!  Currently the annual expenditure for the 126 anti-poverty programs approaches $1 TRILLION!!
The “Clown Prince‘s” ill-conceived “Promise Zones” will end~~or not, depending on the politicalwinds‘~~in dismal failure after eating further into a quickly eroding tax base-the American Taxpayer!  This~~yet another vote-buying scheme~~must be opposed by each, every, and ALL those claiming to be republicRATics.  Yes, even RINOs John McCain and Lindsey Grahamnesty!!
That’s all I got.
Til Nex’Time….
Justin Case