Is ‘Lovely’ Starting “Crooked” and Getting Worse?

Lovely (Mrs Tim Granison) Warren is the newly elected Mayor of Rochester, N.Y.  Prior to her election, Ms Warren was the President of the Rochester City Council.  The council presidency is essentially a part-time job with full-time pay and benefits.  During that time, Ms Warren was also Chief of Staff for Ass’yman (pronounced “Assie-Man” not Assemblyman) David Gantt, a part-time job with full-time pay and benefits.  During that time, Ms Warren kept her position within the legal community doing legal crap for pay, part-time, full-time; pay and benefits unknown.

It’d be really great to know the overlap of each job with the rest, who’s getting billed for how much time?!?  I find it necessary that Ms Warren release her private-practice client list.  The public needs to know who paid how much and for what.  Were there any instances of bribery, collusion, corruption?!?  Does the client list include any contractors, vendors doing business with the City of Rochester?!? Warren~~obama socio-fascist equals.  The “Clown Prince” is a ‘know-nothing’ until he sees it on tv; Warren is a ‘know-nothing’ until she’s questioned by a reporter!!

One of her freshly appointed ‘team members’ is getting a pass on being a drunk driver.  One Spencer Ash~~Ms Warren‘s head of Neighborhood and Business Development, for which he gets $109++k/annum~~crashed his car on July 6 last at 2:25AM on Culver Rd, near I-490.  He was initially charged with DWI but later was allowed to plead it down to a violation of ‘driving while impaired.’  Ms Warren promoted Mr Ash with a transfer to his current position without investigating his background.     Is this woman really qualified to run the City of Rochester and administer it’s nearly half-a-billion dollar budget?

Oh…. and speaking of budgets and taxpayer money….

Previous mayors didn’t feel it necessary to have a driver and a security staff.  They used city policemen and women when either or both situations arose.  Ms Warren~~maybe cuz she’s the city’s first negro-woman mayor~~thinks she needs a private driver (which happens to be her uncle-a retired state trooper which is another whole ball’a wax!).  She also has a security staff which EXCLUDES the Rochester Police Department!

Brings to mind that theme song…. “Movin’ on up to the Eastside….”

That’s all I got.

Til Nex’Time….

Justin Case

1 atch Rochester, N.Y. budget:

Amended Proposed Budget

                       2012-13      2013-14           Change
BUDGET $491,796,000 $481,695,300 -$10,100,700
PROPERTY TAX LEVY $167,149,400 $167,149,400 $0
(Before STAR)




Property Tax $1,352.40 $1,376.20 $23.80
Service Charges $914.00 $932.52 $18.52
Subtotal $2,266.40 $2,308.72 $42.32




Property Tax $11,267.68 $11,021.31 -$246.37
Local Works Charge $802.64 $818.70 $16.06
Total $12,070.32 $11,840.01 -$230.31




Homestead $19.32 $19.66 $0.34
Non-Homestead $42.99 $42.05 -$0.94




Water $340.96 $348.20 $7.24
Refuse $359.00 $366.00 $7.00
Local Works $214.04 $218.32 $4.28
$914.00 $932.52 $18.52
*Based on a typical house assessed at $70,000 with 40′ front footage and using 80,000 gallons of
water annually.

**Based on a business assessed at $262,100 with 150′ front footage.