Refrain From Being The Party Of “Me Too”

For the past twenty~~or so~~years, the republicRATic party has been playing catch-up to the obamacRATic (formerly, the democRATic party tho’ nothing about it is “democratic!”) party. The republicRATics have been chided for not being bi-partisan, for not rolling-over-and-playing-dead at each fork in the political road!  Bi-partisanship~~in most cases~~is a label assigned those too ‘squishy‘ to have an opinion, to have a policy for which they’re willing to stand up for.

After “Clown Princeobama‘s first immaculation he threw  TRILLIONS-of-dollars~~willy-nilly~~all over the place; most of which landed in the pockets of his bundlers, his donors, his political supporters and his high-level campaign flunkies.  After~~sort’a~~ bailing out~~or taking over~~the green energy industry, the auto industry, the banking industry, the housing industry, the student loan industry, the welfare ‘industry,’ the health care CONTROL industry, the health care insurance industry, ad nauseam, “Dear Leader” was finally forced to admit that America’s economic problems were far greater than his handlers first realized or able to resolve.  The problems inherited by “Clown Princeobama were not insurmountable had he not relied on his socio-fascist economic policies.  While PresidentRonaldus-MagnusReagan inherited far worse problems, the solution lay in how he acted and reacted to said problems.     When “Ronaldus-Magnus” took office in January, 1981 the country was in a deep-deep hole, barely able to see daylight!  Mr Reagan‘s inherited economy consisted of 10.8% unemployment, 21.5% prime rate and 13.5% inflation rate [Remember:  This was at a time before the obamahandlers “readjusted” the way these criteria were interpretedMr Reagan was not privy to the benefits of “adjusted” statistics.].  These numbers may well have been the basis for the president’s victory in 44 of 50 states. In “obama-speak,” that would be 51 of 57 states.

Did President Reagan go the ‘bi-partisan’ route?  Not no, but HELL NO!  While he did benefit from some democRATic support, he did not demand it, nor did he need it.  The President relied on the proven track record of ‘free market’ economics which~~unlike socialist economic principles~~succeeds every time it’s tried [Not one socialist government~~worldwide~~can be pointed to as economically ‘successful.’]  The current republicRATic party leadership seems to believe they have to ‘go along to get along’ with the obamacRATics, most especially one John Boehner, the current Speaker of the House.  Mr Boehner frequently makes a public display of standing against obamacRATic socio-fascism; for his party’s free-market philosophy but~~in the end~~capitulates to the minority‘s* opinions.  Many is the time said Speaker has attempted to ‘rally-the-troops‘ against the “Tea Party” policies and principles that put several of his party into office.  This~~at the very least~~is disloyal to the very voters that put the “Tea Partiers” into office, particularly in the face of the aforementioned “Reagan Era” successes.

The republicRATic party has to renounce it’s current image of being “obamacRAT-Lite.”  The GOP is not ‘a team’ separate from the Tea Party movement, but should be a co-equal political force.  As the lone conservative medium has noted, the American taxpayer, the American voter is far more conservative than any time since the “Reagan Era.”  As noted by Jenny Beth Martin~~national coordinator of theTea Party Patriots“~~

“It’s [the Tea Party movement] an autonomous force.  When either party is doing the right thing, the Tea Party stands with them.  And when either party is doing the wrong thing, we hold them accountable.”

The primary objective must be the defeat of socio-fascism as~~seemingly~~is the norm in federal governance, in ALL branches.  A united stance will be required to confront the currently on-going, detrimental liberalism.

That’s all I got.

Til Nex’Time….

Justin Case

*Since the November, 2010 elections, republicRATics have been the majority party by membership, by affiliation.