[Rochester, N.Y.] City Media Outlets Complicit, Duplicitous
Well…. we now have the first woman Mayor of Rochester, N.Y. Ms Lovely Warren (Mrs Timothy Granison) was sworn in at 12:01AM, New Year’s Day.  Ms Warren has a huge, long-running relationship with and for David Gantt, opined by some as one of the most crooked politicians in New York legislative history.  It’s the rare employment for Ms Warren that was not for Mr Gantt or at the behest of said Gantt.
Now comes the disheartening part:  As Bob Lonsberry reported on his website and today alluded to on the air, Warren‘s husband Timothy Granison~~at age 17~~was ‘the wheel-man’ for one of the largest armed robberies in Rochester~~and Monroe County~~history.
*Where was this information prior to the mayoral vote?
*Why did ALL the city’s media outlets sit on the information that a mayoral candidate is married to a felonious, armed robber?
*Was not this information pertinent in making an informed choice as to direction of the city’s governance, leadership?!?
As Ms Warren‘s campaign statement indicates, maybe said governance and leadership involves the ‘glossing-over’ of any serious shortcomings of felons in the Warren Administration/family.
That’s all I got.
Til Nex’Time….
Justin Case