Do They Even Know How To Read?!?

Thirteen states are currently on track to raise their states’ minimum wages on the New Year.  One additional state waits until July.  Those states:

New York; January 1; $8.00/hr

Ohio; January 1; $7.95/hr [only affects businesses with gross annual receipts of $292,000/yr]

Florida; January 1; $7.93/hr

Missouri; January 1; $7.50/hr

Vermont; January 1; $8.73/hr

Rhode Island; January 1; $8.00/hr

Connecticut; January 1; $8.70/hr

New Jersey; January 1; $8.25/hr

Colorado; January 1; $8.00/hr

Montana; January 1; $7.90/hr

Arizona; January 1; $7.90

California; July 1; $9.00/hr

Washington; January 1; $9.32/hr

Oregon; January 1; $9.10/hr

Had those legislators been able to read; been able to stay awake in Econ-101, they may have learned that when a company~~forced or voluntarily~~adds to their labor expense, they will reduce another area of said businesses to compensate.  More than likely those companies involved will reduce their labor force~~or expected future hiring~~commensurately.  An alternative plan would be to pass the added expense on to the consumer with price increases.      The demographic the socio-fascist liberals purport to want to help will actually be demolished in this exercise.  remember, the national unemployment rate~~mysteriously just in time forClown Princeobama‘s re-immaculation~~dropped to 6.9%.  With the actual economy unable to support the lie, it has since risen back into the 7% range  The teen unemployment rate for negros is a whoopin’ 43%, while the same non-negro demographic has a rate of 13.9%.  These numbers can only grow with the aforementioned increases.

If the socio-fascist liberal obamacRATics truly had the young demographic at heart~~rather than their political capital~~they would push for abolishment of both their state’s and the federal minimum wage requirements.  Remember, the United States’ most productive years were before the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 and since the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938~~which set the first minimum wage at $0.25/hr~~production by those covered by the FSLA has continued to drop with a corresponding increase in unemployment in the affected demographic.

The minimum wage was never meant to be “a living wage.”  It is but an arbitrary ‘floor’ through which any covered wage cannot drop.  The positions which are primarily governed by the minimum wage are not meant to be careers.  With Walmart being the most evil of employers, let’s use them:

Most entry-level employees start at a point greater than the minimum wage.  Most earn merit raises, promotions which brings the employee ever greater wage rates.  The entry-level position is not a career, but merely a stepping-stone toward a career path.  See all the stuff one can learn by staying awake and possessing reading skills in Econ-101?!?

That’s all I got.

Til Nex’Time….

Justin Case