My Experience With The Minimum Wage
Just to illustrate how disconnected “Clown Princeobama is with the real working world, here’s but one of my experiences with the minimum wage:
At 9:24AM, December 20 last, I completed my register transaction at the local Walmart (1490 Hudson Ave., Rochester, N.Y., 14621).  As is my norm, I didn’t review the cash register tape until I got home.
The primary reason for visiting the store “where the Third-World shops” was to buy Walmart‘s version of flavored sparkling water beverage in various flavors.  I bought four-each of three different flavors.  Rather than put all twelve bottles on the belt, I put one of each and told the young lady cashier that I had three more of each flavor.
Of those three flavors~~twelve bottles, total~~I was charged for FOUR ‘blackberry;’  THREE of ‘wild cherry;’ THREE of ‘strawberry.’  The shelf price tab was 68 cents; I was charged 75 cents at the register (via the scanner).  With the cashier’s screw-up, it worked out to around the labeled price of 68 cents in total.  I wasn’t actually out any cash but got to enjoy the value of dealing with a minimum-wage employee!
If the “Clown Prince” were at all in-tune with the working world, he’d see beyond his socio-fascism to the ill affects of an increase in the minimum wage; to ANY minimum wage at all.   The young lady I dealt with~~admittedly new to Walmart~~most probably earned some cents more than the current minimum wage.  What did Walmart get for their pay and training?  They got screwed out of the value of two bottles of sparkling water~~either 68 or 75 cents~~at what-ever the correct price is.  Granted, we’re not talking about ‘make-or-break’ losses in retail products, but the principle of correct and accurate cashiering skills.  What if I’d bought the same number of CDs at $12-$14, each?!?  What if I’d bought several small flat-screens at $150 or so?!?  Now, we’d be talking some real money!!
If “Dear Leader” were in-tune with the working world, he’d understand that rather than the federal government being involved in determining the value of labor, said value is best determined by market forces~~often referred to as the ‘free market’~~either higher or lower than the current minimum.
If the “Clown Prince” had ever had a job NOT FUNDED by some level of government; had ever had to make a payroll; had ever had to negotiate a business loan, would certainly understand basic economics, the law of supply-versus-demand, et al.  “Clown Princeobama would also understand that any increase in the minimum wage would necessarily create an increase in retail prices, thus causing an eventual reduction in future employment.  The retail establishment is not~~will not~~going to ‘eat’ the increase in labor expense but pass it on to the consumer through increases in retail pricing.
My experience is not only indicative of the failure of the minimum wage, but the loss of value therein.  Had market forces determined the aforementioned “young lady’s” wage structure, she very well may have been inclined to be more accurate in her duties, thus earning a merit increase on her way to one of Walmart‘s many well-paying jobs, one of Walmart‘s career paths.
That’s all I got.
Til Nex’Time….
Justin Case