A Quiet, Dignified Man vs “THE Liar”

Remember when “Slick-Willie” left the White House ~~thankfully, HOPEFULLY, for good~~in January, 2001?  Not only did the family steal what antique, historically significant, furniture they could, the staff removed the ‘dubyas’ [Ws] from the vast majority of White House computers.  More to the point, it didn’t take his ‘Royal Slickness‘ more than a few months to start whining and bitching about how incompetent President Bush was; how much “a cowboyPresident Bush was turning out to be!      Early on in the two terms of the Bush-43 presidency President Bush made it clear to his ‘team’ that neither he nor members of his administration would reduce the dignity of the office by responding to the over-the-top amounts of media criticism his decisions/actions precipitated.  With the “Slick-Willie” exception, the then-current and former presidents honored the tradition of keeping their collective mouths shut, allowing their successors to “step-in-their-own-shit!

President Bush‘s response to the scurrilous reporting during his presidency:

“My attitude, if they’re still writing biographies of the first guy, the 43rd guy doesn’t need to worry about it.  I’m also very comfortable that it’s going to take a while for history to judge whether the decisions I made are consequential or not.  And therefore, I’m not too worried about it.”

President Bush‘s opinion of a former president criticizing his successor:

“I don’t think it’s good for the country to have a former president criticize his successor.  You have to believe in what you’re doing, first and foremost.  I relied upon my faith, my family helped a lot and I had a good team around me and did the best that I could do.”

President Bush-43 survived with a life away from~~and out of~~politics, ‘engineering’ The George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum (on the campus of Southern Methodist University), Dallas, Texas; working on his ranch near Crawford, Texas, exploring his hobby of painting, as well as (with the lovely and gracious Laura Bush) combating HIV, cervical cancer and malaria in regions of Africa.

[GWB painting of family dog “Barney”]

Now we come to Dear Leader, “Clown Princeobama.  Remember it took but a day-and-a-half for the “Clown Prince” to make the operative phrase “it’s all Bush’s fault” the catch-all for his~~and his Cabal’s~~inept inexperience.  How dignified is it for any presidency~~both the individual and the office~~to substitute the various late-night comedy shows for an actual presidential press conference with UNSCRIPTED questions?!?

Sure, President Bush-43 didn’t tell us everything that was going on with 9-11, with Desert Storm, with Afghanistan, et al.  When he did go on national television, it was a national address from the Oval Office, NOT the ‘after 11 PM, eastern’ comedy shows.  I suggest that Mr Bush-43 did not, and would not, have made PolitiFact’s #1 Lie of the Year!!  Contrary to the actions of his predecessor~~acting presidential in both his actions and his governance~~Dear Leader has remained in ‘campaign mode’ for the past five-plus years.  Not only does this keep the “Clown Prince” physically out of the District of Corruption~~and out of barackINGHAM PALACE~~allowing him to disassociate himself with the vast numbers of ill-advised legislation as well as the more-than-several scandals.     This could go on for pages and pages, but what’s the use?  Anyone with a modicum of intelligence can deduce that President Bush-43 is the far-better chief executive, having been several in the private sector.  “Clown Princeobama~~with grateful thanks from President Jimmuh Cahtah~~will go down in history as the worst president as compared with his 43 predecessors; as the president with the least familiarity with the truth!!

That’s all I got.

Til Nex’Time….

Justin Case

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