It’s Only The Latest Budget Shafting….

Check out this photo (below).  Rep Paul Ryan (r-Wi) is performing his latest obamaKare-esque cram down of yet another distasteful budget proposal that is neither fiscally conservative nor does it conform to his purported economic positions.

Senator Patty Spend-Then-TaxMurray (d-Wa) might be thinking “Nobody’s gonna go for this shit!

The proposal does nothing to fix ANYTHING, but rather screws the taxpayer out of~~among other things~~the modest reductions in automatic budget increases as provided by sequestration.  The provisions of sequestration thus:

If the joint committee is unable to achieve $1.5 trillion in deficit reduction, then two things will happen.  First, the amount of additional borrowing will be limited to $1.2 trillion rather than $1.5 trillion.  Also, a sequestration process is triggered to cut spending cuts of $1.2 trillion if no deficit reduction is achieved by the joint committee or of the amount of the difference between the amount of deficit reduction achieved and $1.2 trillion.

In addition to the castration of sequestration, here are the estimated FY2014 (starting Oct 1, 2013) expenditures broken out in ten categories.  The total FY2014 federal spending will be $3.78TRILLION (rising to $4.45TRILLION in FY2018); the total ‘gross public debt’ in FY2014 will be $18.25TRILLION (rising to $21.7TRILLION  in FR2018).

How in the “Sam-Hill” are these numbers even close to fiscal responsibility?!?  Rep John Boner Boehner has indicated he’s going to support the Ryan-Murray proposal.  Does this not speak to the severe lack of republicRATic leadership in both houses of Congress?!?  Does one need more reasons to deny Congressional incumbency via the ballot box?!?

That’s all I got.

Til Nex’Time….

Justin Case