A Few Items To Consider
The past two presidential campaigns have subjected the American voter to untold numbers of half-truths, obfuscations and outright lies.  While neither party is exempt, the democRATics have a lock on the practice, having raised it from an art to a science.  As the obama Mentor~~Vladimir Ilyich Lenin~~stated way back in 1919:
A lie told often enough becomes the truth.”
This seems to be the mantra of both “Clown Prince obama “Hope and Change” campaigns.  So far there’s been very little ‘hope’ and mountains of ‘change!’
The next campaign can not rest on the various blathering pollsters, or poll results.  Remember in 2012, the pollsters had “Clown Princeobama ahead in 4 polls, Governor Romney ahead in 1 with ties in another 5 polls.  All the polls were skewed by the (then) unknown fact that the IRS was targeting ‘conservative’ 501 (c)(4) applications for tax-free status.  The end result~~the outright theft of a national election~~delayed any organization with ‘tea party, ‘patriot’ or ‘9/12’ in their name from getting their message out to (obama followers, read: “racist“) conservative, libertarian voters.
Given that the “sleeping (majority) giant” that is conservative America, will rise up for the next~~arguably THE most important to date~~presidential election, the republicRATic candidate must be ready to take the flack of campaigning to return the country to it’s former state of economic greatness, of domestic compassion, of beneficial international influence.
The helping hand of economic welfare~~both for individuals and corporations~~has become a lifestyle for far too many Americans.  Total private assets (household, corporate and small business) of nearly $106.5 TRILLION, it’s unconscionable that the United States has become a hammock for those who “work the system.”  Revising the national monetary and in-kind welfare system will subsequently revitalize the federal tax code, allowing far more taxpayers and corporations to keep far more of their earnings, in turn putting more wage earners on the tax rolls.  With respect to the tax code, how stupid is it that tax filers take many more dollars out than they’d ever pay in?!?  How ’bout those millions-of-dollars in Earned Income Credits that go to single addresses IN MEXICO?!?  When the code is revised, early attention should be to the EIC scam:  No filer should make a profit simply by filing.  The EIC credits should only take the tax balance to zero with no net cash going to the filer.
The military is in the process of being decimated by the current Cabal in close association with “sequestration (or seCASTRATION).”
America’s place in the world has always been compassion buttressed by the international view of our military might.  This action speaks directly to any ruler’s (ours or theirs) direct participation as a former military member and that ruler’s view of a military presence.  It’s long been my opinion that democRATics have a dim view~~or a personal loathing~~of America’s military in general.  This speaks to those same democRATics’ “whitewashing” of American history.  How many young Americans have ever heard of “the candy-bomber?”  One only need look at post-WWII Germany and Japan to see the breadth and depth of America’s compassion for vanquished adversaries.  Rather than “kick ’em while they’re down” we re-built~~among many lesser foes~~ both countries into international economic powerhouses.
The next president can not draw UNINFORCED “red lines in the sand,” willy-nilly, around the world and expect the international community to maintain even a modicum of respect for the United States.  The next president can not blather on about any and every minor ill on the planet, just those with a direct connection to this country.  This president has failed his ‘bosses’~~the American CITIZENS~~in propping up every muslim terrorist dictatorship over speaking out against atrocities against the international Christian community by those same muslim terrorists!  The United States is primarily a Christian country, contrary to the blatherings of “Clown Princeobama!
[So much to bitch about!]
Need we look farther than obamaKare to see that the government has no business in the business of health care, more accurately-insurance CONTROL?!?  Even though “Clown Princeobama has regressed to using “The Affordable Care Act (ACA)” to distance himself personally from the monstrosity that is his ‘signature’ legislation, it will always be known by it’s nickname.  Actually, obamaKare has little to do with ‘health care’ but more with control of 18-20% of the American economy with the intention of destroying as much of the economy as possible.  The “Clown Prince“~~long a disciple of Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven~~is using their social strategy to continue the destructive affects of America’s welfare system.  The system dictated that the federal budget be flooded with welfare recipients/demands for benefits that it essentially destroys the American economic system.  Said “Clown Prince“~~since his community’agitator’ days in Chicago~~has also been an ardent follower of Saul Alinsky and his “Rules for Radicals.”  Both systems~~IF successful~~would take the United States from the world’s freest nation to a Europeanesque welfare-nation like France.  obamaKare is essentially designed to aid in the transition to a France-like state.
Everything you and I are finding out, everything we bitch about as wrong with obamaKare, was known by the Congressional democRATic ruling-class at the legislation’s final draft.  Which is why Nancy Pelosi (PORKlosi) said we had to “pass it to find out what’s in it,” knowing full well that public debate would render it ‘dead on arrival!!’  If better, more affordable health care had been the REAL objective, a fairer solution would have been to allow health, catastrophic health, accident, disability, long-term disability, insurance companies to sell their product(s) across state lines as is auto insurance industry, today.  Not only would more doctors, physicians assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses, med techs, et al, still remain in the system, the FREE-MARKET competition would have lowered premiums, co-pays, deductibles, no matter your pre-existing affliction.
As the program stands, (with exceptions [1, 2]) EVERYONE gets screwed!  The young~~18 to 30 year olds~~will be charged artificially higher premiums to fund coverage for the ‘baby-boomers,’ the elderly and the infirm. Nearly 60% of said young folks oppose the bill simply for that reason.  The Cabal screwed itself by initially allowing (for re-election purposes) the ‘youngers’ to stay on parental insurance until the age of 26. Ya can’t make this shit up, folks!!
obamaKare NEEDS 2.7 million (out of the necessary 7 million total) young, HEALTHY men and women to enroll at comparatively exorbitant premiums.  Both numbers have to be met for this CONTROL legislation to work!  The high premiums (for EVERYONE) aren’t the only increase; what about increased co-pays, what about highly increased deductibles?!?  What about finding a doctor who participates, what about finding a hospital that participates?  The same goes for all the lesser services like physical therapy, lab services, et al.
I commend Rep Debbie Wassername Schults (d-Fl), for her latest lie, to wit:
“I think, actually, Candy, that Democratic candidates will be able to run on ObamaCare as an advantage leading into the 2014 election,” Wassername Schultz told host Candy Crowley.
As I see it, the obamacRATics aught to run on obamaKare.  The republicRATics are sorely in need of a big win, both in the House and the Senate.
That’s all I got.
Til Nex’Time….
Justin Case