Like Politics, All Arrogance Is Local
    After reading Dr Walter E. Williams‘ column titled “Blacks and obama,” it brought to mind a recent incident in downtown Rochester, N.Y., although the two aren’t really related.  Seems three negro miscreants out of the entire high school basketball team decided to make asses of themselves while waiting for a city bus.   The city police arrived, acting on a citizen’s complaint~~that the thugs were not only blocking the entrance to a store~~that they were preventing passersby from advancing through the kerfuffle.  
    What “News 8 Now” is conveniently leaving out of this story~~as they normally do~~is the real meat of the situation.  That the arriving patrolman requested a seargant to assess the situation, that the seargeant requested a lieutenant to assess the situation.  The patrolman~~and maybe the other two~~was subjected to at least one “fuck-you” and quite possibly more. 
All three agreed that a public disturbance had occurred and a charge of disorderly conduct was justified. 
    The District Attorney~~one Sandra Doorley~~has decided to drop the charges, “in the interest of justice.”  Far more likely, Ms Doorley is either afraid of the Negro Community, afraid of the local thugocracy, or possibly has taken substantial political donations from the local group of negro pastors who routinely break into threats at each high profile arrest of members of said thugocracy.  I’d like to hear her explanation of how allowing the blockage of a store entrance, of how disrupting the normal flow of pedestrian traffic is “in the interest of justice.”
    Seems to me the District Attorney has just allowed the public violation of individual rights and continued widespread arrogance to flourish in the City of Rochester!  This is one more incident buttressing “The Broken Windows Theory,” that over time~~without police-legal system intervention~~small crimes escalate into bigger and bigger crimes.  Just another in the long list of reasons we~~the “Young Miss Lovely” and I~~intend to relocate outside the borders of the Communist State of New York. 
That’s all I got.
Til Nex’Time….
Justin Case