Did You Follow “Dear Leader’s” Wifely Instructions?

    As is the case nearly every year, we spent Thanksgiving with “The Young Miss Lovely‘s” brother and his partner (they’re gay).  The brother is a fantastic cook so the feast was to die for.  It was not necessary for me to follow Michelle “Antoinette’s” instructions on how to guide the conversation around the feastly table. 

These guys-maybe BECAUSE they’re gay-voted for Dictator obama not once, BUT TWICE

These guys-while they’re gay-are not stupid!

These guys-while they’re progressive socialists-didn’t even try to steer the dinner table conversation toward Michelle “Antoinette’s” talking points.

   I kinda covered all the points with my comment as we were clearing the table, getting ready for football:


How’s that whole obamaKare-thingie workin’ out for ya?!?”


A deathly pall came over the whole dining room.

Nuff said.

That’s all I got.

Til Nex’Time….

Justin Case

P.S.  Notice how dear Dictator, “Clown Princeobama has stopped using “obamaKare” for his failing/failed ACA signature legislation?!? Even after he said we could call the aforementioned legislation that; even after HE SAID:

” I kina’like that (obamaKare)!!”