“Invisible” Senator Makes Sandwiches     Ostensibly, we elect two senators every six years to represent us and our state in the United States Congress.  In this respect, New York State is no different than the non-communist states in the American union, we currently have “Chuckie-CheeseSchumer~~a devout communist~~and Kirsten Gillibrand, another devout communist, who’s AKA the “Invisible Senator.”  In another respect, the “Invisible Senator” is nothing more than a “I vote how ‘Chuckie CheeseSchumer, the Putz of Park Avenue, tells me to” senator, a reliable ‘Yes, Massa’‘ vote.    

‘Invisible,’ Schumer, Bob~I like young girls~Menendez, Lautenberg

    Today~~with not a care about the 5-year lack of a federal budget, with not a care about the continual-and growing more frequent, more false-lies from DICTATOR obama~~the “Invisible Senator” has decided the most important thing she can do for the State of New York~~and the country~~is to make sandwiches in Holley, N. Y., and later to pack care packages in Wellsville, N. Y.

Kirsten “I AM one of you” Gillibrand

ChuckieCheeseSchumer has dispatched her to Orleans and Allegany Counties~~both midway between the Buffalo and Rochester media markets~~to maximize the political ‘do-gooder’ efforts of both the communist party and dear leader Dictator obama.

That’s all I got.

Til Nex’Time….

Justin Case