McConnell Says The Republicans Can ‘Fix’ Filibuster Rule

    Although I can’t find a reference, I heard Rush Limbaugh say just a few moments ago (1st block, 11/22/2013- that Mitch McConnell has been reported as saying the republicRATics can UN-bomb the Senate’s filibuster rule.  Mr McConnell said that if~I say WHEN~the republicRATics retake the Senate in 2014. they’ll return the filibuster rule to the norm in Senate legislative operations.  I say:  What the hell for?!?

    Initially, the “PinkyReid action was to distract the American people away from obamaKare and secondarily to continue the ongoing obama Cabal power grab.  Firstly, the dismal failure that is obamaKare will NOT GO AWAY quietly.  With the ongoing policy cancellations; with the ongoing website nightmare; with the ongoing, continual~and growing~LIES from DICTATOR obama,  this signature fiasco will stay in the fore of the American mind.  Secondly, the packing of federal courts with obama-like communists, fascists and Marxists; the possible additions of 3-5 seats to the D.C. Circuit Court are clear examples of obama’s statist cabal!


    So, I say to Senator McConnell:  Why the hell fix the filibuster rule before a republicRATic Senate majority can undo at least part of the damage done by the aforementioned cabal?!?  Also Mr McConnell, are you not making assumptions that~hopefully~may not materialize?  First you must triumph in the Kentucky Senate Primary, against the formidable opponent in Matt Bevin (  Second, you are assuming that you~arguably the worst Senate Minority Leader in history~will retain a leadership post in the next Congress.  You’ve “rolled-over-and-played-dead” dozens of times when once was too many!!

That’s all I got.

Til Nex’Time….

Justin Case