“Pinky” Reid Anoints “Clown Prince” Obama As ‘Dictator!’

SenatorPinkyReid has essentially trashed a Senate practice dating back to 1789, that of the filibuster.  While a filibuster-like tactic was first used in 1789, the first official Senate filibuster was recorded in 1837.  In 1917 the Senate adopted the ‘cloture’ as a method of ending filibusters. 


The change in filibuster rules essentially has Senator Reid giving socialist-dictatorial powers to “Clown Princeobama, the most statist, the most socialist president in United States history.  The U.S. Constitution (not that the “Clown Prince” has ever heeded it) does not enumerate the requirements for a federal judgeship nominee, i.e.,

1) no requirement for citizenship;

2) no requirement for a law license;

3) no requirement for previous experience, etc.

This means that DICTATOR obama could~and given his history~very well might nominate ‘Bomber-BillyAyers, Russian President and DICTATORIAL buddy, Vlad Putin , another avowed communist Valerie Jarrett or even ‘HanoiJaneFonda!  Remember most~if not all~federal judgeships are lifetime appointments, meaning that any and all muslim, communist, socialist, fascist, Marxist appointments DICTATOR obama makes~and the communistic Senate confirms by SIMPLE MAJORITY~will be seated on the court for the remainder of their lives!

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Most importantly here, is the D.C. Circuit Court as well as the D.C. Court of Appeals which hear cases and appeals originating in the District of Corruption~meaning, among others~the obama Cabal.  DICTATOR obama wants to add five seats to the already UNDERworked D.C. Circuit; thus the ability to pack said court with his communist-muslim buddies!!  With such court-packing, nothing DICTATOR obama spews forth will ever be denied!!

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Til Nex’Time….

Justin Case