Earlier this morning I attempted to sign into my BlogSpot account.  It’s been quite a while; I was kinda enthralled with Twitter!  That is finally passing into semi-obscurity!  A mere 140 characters doesn’t allow me to express my dislike and dissention with the current plutocracy, both the executive branch and the Congress!! 

    When I started blogging, I started on BlogSpot, with a Yahoo email account ( Oh, the shame of it all!).  Now that I’ve forgotten the password to my account; now that Google–in it’s infinite wisdom–will not let me sign in with my Yahoo information, Google has to send me an email said Yahoo account.  A Yahoo account that’s only used to give me a ‘user name’ for the BlogSpot account.

    The many times I’ve posted blog entries, I’d compose them in BlogSpot and ‘copy-and-paste’ them onto WordPress.  Now I’ve decided that WordPress will be the primary account and the BlogSpot will be LOST!!  Also lost will be the seven-or-eight loyal followers I had while I blathered on about what dark and unsanitary place “Slick-Willie” was inserting his duu-luu (Rochesterian for penis) currently!

So I guess it’ll be their loss and our (yours and mine) gain!!

That’s all I got.

Til Nex’Time….

Justin Case