Why Must They Do That?

    Every time I watch MLB baseball, I see most batters adjusting their batting gloves after each-and-every pitch.  Why?  Haven’t they–since the inception of their semi-pro and professional careers–not figured out how to adjust them for the proper fit and tightness?

    Every time I watch MLB baseball, I see nearly every player randomly adjusting his nuts.  Why?  Do they not know–barring castration–everything down there will be where they always were?

    Every time I watch NFL football, I see players being “dancing goofs” after nearly each play.  I see the offense ‘goofing’ after each successful run or pass play; I see the defense ‘goofing’ after each successful tackle, sack, interception.  In each case, these players are celebrating for completing an action which they were contracted to perform–millions of bucks, I might add!

Is this not comparable to you–a factory worker–asking your boss for a raise for successfully completing your workday without screwing up too much product?!?

I’m jis askin’!!

Til Nex’Time….

Justin Case