Socio-fascists Rewrite History, Constitution

    I’m old enough (67) to remember when junior and high school textbooks dealt more with fact than what is seen today.  Today’s textbook alterations began some years back with the socialization of historical events and those men and women involved.  Ever the keepers of the written word, America’s socio-fascists have advanced to rewriting the various–most objectionable–amendments in the Bill of Rights.

    If your child attends–among several othersWest Forsythe High, Clemmons, S.C., or Guyer High School, Denton, Tx., you should be very wary about their history education and the textbooks used in it’s accomplishment.  Books like this go hand-in-hand with the Agenda 21 concept of dumbing down American students in preparation for their entry into the third-world rathole America will become in the future.

    New York State does the same thing with questionable textbooks but they go even farther.  The state education department actively and forcefully promotes mergers between two or more school districts.  The state usually pairs adjoining school districts, one with excellent graduation rates, teachers, administrators with a mediocre school having socialistic financial problems.  My experience was with the Cohocton (N.Y.) Central School District being forced to merge with the financial geniuses in the Wayland (N.Y) Central School District. 

     To shorten a long story, the merger was handled in such a manner as to remind one of today’s obama Cabal.   The social dynamics of each district, of each village were diametrically opposed to one another; the two couldn’t have been more different.  Where ‘political’ cliques, various  wealth and social strata existed in Wayland, Cohocton seemed to be a closer knit district, community.

Wayland was so in debt that servicing said debt AND budgeting for the upcoming school year was bordering on the impossible without massive school tax increases.  Cohocton had almost always had a budget surplus, rarely was there even a revote on the annual budget.  The state demanded as many referendums as necessary to get the desired result (it took three).  The instruction, the admin, the maintenance staffs were enticed into support with promises of flowery titles and in many cases, exorbitant pay raises.  Finally, the forerunners of today’s obamacRATic voters (mindless, blind followers) were convinced to send their kids to a mis-managed system over one with a 100% graduation rate!! 

     Cohocton‘s community volunteerism was huge.  Cohocton Sports Boosters Club built three soccer fields, refurbished a baseball diamond (ALL LIGHTED-unheard of for the time [late 1980s] in a small town, school), built, maintained and staffed a snack bar on site–ALL with volunteers with donated supplies and materials.

    For the record I received an excellent education in the Cohocton school system, graduating in 1964.  My graduating class had 15 students IF one were to count the two exchange students!  We all went through 13 years of education IN THE SAME BUILDING.  So far as I know, no classmate ever ended up in prison; all had careers and families.

That’s all I got,

Justin Case