A Patriotic Response to the “Clown Prince;” 06/29/2013

Recorded in

barackingham Palace,

District of Corruption

for broadcast on

June 29, 2013

A few days ago, I unveiled a new national plan to confront the growing threat of  a changing climate.  Decades of carefully reviewed science tells us our planet is  changing in ways that will have profound impacts on the world we leave to our  children.  Already, we know that the 12 warmest years in recorded history have  all come in the last 15, and that last year was the warmest in American  history.  And while we know no single weather event is caused solely by climate  change, we also know that in a world that’s getting warmer than it used to be,  all weather events are affected by it – more extreme droughts, floods,  wildfires, and hurricanes.

The greatest, grandest hoax of the twentieth century came about when someone associated with the University of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit (CRU) leaked emails authored by it’s climate scientists.  Said scientists were also influential in their opinions with the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel Climate Change (IPCC).  The hoax involved the infamous “hockey-stick” graph illustrating a drastic up-tick in climate temperatures.  The graph was proven a hoax in 2003 by Canadian statistician, Steve McIntyre

    I quote from the ‘WUWT’ article:

  • “Since 2003, however, when the statistical methods used to creat the “hockey stick” were first exposed as fundamentally flawed by an expert Canadian statistician Steve McIntyre, an increasingly heated battle has been raging between Mann’s supporters, calling themselves ‘The Hockey Team,’ and McIntyre and his own allies, as they have ever more devastatingly called into question the entire statistical basis on which the IPCC and CRU construct their case.”

It has become the considered opinion of a multitude of scientists worldwide, that the ‘East Anglica Kerfuffle’ is a complete hoax from-end-to-end. (1)

Those who already feel the effects of a changing climate don’t have  time to deny it – they’re busy dealing with it.  The firefighters who brave  longer wildfire seasons.  The farmers who see crops wilted one year, and washed  away the next.  Western families worried about water that’s drying up.  The cost of these events can be measured in lost lives and  livelihoods, lost homes and businesses, and hundreds of billions of dollars in  emergency services and disaster relief.  And Americans across the country are  already paying the price of inaction in higher food costs, insurance premiums,  and the tab for rebuilding.  The question is not whether we need to act.  The question is whether  we will have the courage to act before it’s too late.

We–as in Washington’s completely partisan politicans and lobbyists–can not seem to fathom that the planet’s climate is cyclical.  About every six-hundred years or so, the climate slides ‘the other way’ toward either heating or cooling.  The planet seems to currently be in the ‘heating cycle,’ thus the higher temperature recordings.

    So far as the western families worrying about water drying up:  it’s largely MAN-MADE!!  A prime reason for building the Hoover (Boulder) Dam on the Colorado River was to ‘water’ the arid portions of Arizona and California.  The diversion of said waters was done largely to benefit the agricultural, suburban and urban areas of Arizona and Southern California.  The affected farmers and ranchers in the upper mountain and plains states numbered few enough to be ignored by the politicians in the District of Corruption. (2) (3)

The national Climate Action Plan I unveiled will cut carbon  pollution, protect our country from the impacts of climate change, and lead the  world in a coordinated assault on a changing climate.  To reduce carbon pollution, I’ve directed the Environmental  Protection Agency to work with states and businesses to set new standards that  put an end to the limitless dumping of carbon pollution from our power plants.   We’ll use more clean energy and waste less energy throughout our economy.  To prepare Americans for the impacts of climate change we can’t  stop, we’ll work with communities to build smarter, more resilient  infrastructure to protect our homes and businesses, and withstand more powerful  storms.  And America will lead global efforts to combat the threat of a  changing climate by encouraging developing nations to transition to cleaner  sources of energy, and by engaging our international partners in this fight –  for while we compete for business, we also share a planet.  And we must all  shoulder the responsibility for its future together.

    For those of you educated in government (public) schools from the latter half of the twentieth-century to today, you’ll need a history lesson based on the ‘pc-ing’ of governmental education.  The USA–as well as the rest of the industrialized world–went through an industrial revolution, some say in two parts: 1760 to 1830 and  the second part between 1840 and 1870.   This industrialization–as it gained momentum–created semi-permanent clouds of smog and airborne industrial waste particulate matter.  Cities like Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, ad infinitum, often experienced various shades of gray in their annual snowfall.  If all this pollution–and it occurred throughout the industrialized world–didn’t destroy the planet as we know it, chances are really great that ANYTHING negative we do today will not have much of an ill-effect on the overall climate. (4)

   The obama Regime then went through all the wasted taxpayer money under the pretense of supporting (read: subsidizing, picking winners and losers) the solar and wind power production industries.  In reality, production of anything but MILLIONAIRE OBAMACRATIC SUPPORTERS, never really happened.  That incompetent socio-fascist boob, Steven Chu (Sec’y of Energy) approved hundreds-of-millions in subsidies as fast as the recipients could declare bankruptcy.  This became the greatest profit center for all of the eventually-bankrupt businesses.  (5)

This is the fight America can and will lead in the 21st century.  But it will require all of us, as  citizens, to do our part.  We’ll need scientists to design new fuels, and  farmers to grow them.   We’ll need engineers to devise new technologies, and  businesses to make and sell them.  We’ll need workers to man assembly lines that  hum with high-tech, zero-carbon components, and builders to hammer into place  the foundations for a new clean energy age.  We’ll need to give special care to  people and communities unsettled by this transition.  And those of us in  positions of responsibility will need to be less concerned with the judgment of  special interests and well-connected donors, and more concerned with the  judgment of our children. 

    I suppose we could “lead in the  21st century” if in fact there were adequate leadership in the upper reaches of the executive branch of the federal government!  How can I be expected to ‘lead’ when I spend most of my waking hours flitting around the country–nay, around the WORLD–campaigning for something as yet undetermined, and doing obamacRATic fundraisers at nearly every stop.  Remember: that “….judgment of special interests and well-connected donors….?”   That is EXACTLY THE REASON for MY first fiasco, that $787 Billion PORKulus bill which produced many, many really ‘well-greased palms!’   Our being “….concerned with the judgment of our children….” should have begun with the obama Regime racking up a greater national debt than all previous presidents COMBINED!!  We managed that feat in less than THREE YEARS!! (6)

If you agree with me, I’ll need you to act.  Educate your classmates  and colleagues, your family and friends.  Speak up in your communities.  Remind  everyone who represents you, at every level of government, that there is no  contradiction between a sound environment and a strong economy – and that  sheltering future generations against the ravages of climate change is a  prerequisite for your vote.  We will be judged – as a people, as a society, and as a country – on  where we go from here.  The plan I have put forward to reduce carbon pollution  and protect our country from the effects of climate change is the path we need  to take.  And if we remember what’s at stake – the world we leave to our  children – I’m convinced that this is a challenge that we will meet.

    I need all the American Communist Party support I can get!  Why they support me here in the USA, I’ll never understand when party members in their home countries don’t support many socialist causes.  This latest “emergency, catastrophe” is actually serving two purposes:

1.  It’s keeping the NSA, the IRS, my Benghazi murders, the AP call-taping,  (Fox News, James) Rosengate, the Holder Perjury I, II, the Fast ‘n’ Furious, the Sebelius contributions demands, as well as the Pigford scandals off the front pages, out of the blogs, and

2.  It’s keeping this 100 Million Dollar luxury, taxpayer funded, international VACATION, but the fact that we’ve brought members of our extended family to the tune of well over $100,000!!  Many thanks to all the schlubs who continue to work to provide the funds for these extravagant vacations as well as all the votes provided by the federal largess extended to the obamacRATic welfareRATs!  Thanks, again. (7) (8) 

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