The ‘Arrogants’ Of barackingham Palace Off on $100MILLION Vaca

     The ungrateful obama family with a coupla extras are off on one of the most expensive VACATIONS in presidential history.  This by one of the worst abusers of taxpayer largess this country has ever seen!  Not only that, this schlub is completely insulated from the minions that do his bidding, for his and their personal and professional monetary gain.

     This African trip vacation will require upwards of 56 support vehicles (and the air transportation thereof), 3 truckloads of bullet resistant glass, fighter jets CONSTANTLY on patrol as well as a Naval aircraft carrier stationed in nearby waters just in case the “Clown Prince” needs their surgical unit for a sliver or some other such nonsense.  Well beyond that, ya know what really pisses me off?!?  The “Clown Prince” obama family are taking two EXTENDED FAMILY MEMBERS at ADDED taxpayer expense!  ‘MotherRobinson and “Michelle Antoinette‘s” niece Leslie Robinson are beating the taxpayer over the head to the tune of $27,277 EACH!!  The individual travel expense for the two ‘hangers-on’ is for business-class passage.  In what world does the current American royalty travel BUSINESS-class?!?  I’m guessin’ we could easily add 40% to get into the first-class cabin, which would make owings to the Treasury of $38,188 EACH.

  • District of Corruption to Dakar, Senegal:       $18,686 (both)
  • Dakar to Johannesburg, South Africa:            $11,918
  • Johannesburg, to Cape Town, South Africa: $874
  • Cape Town to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania:        $4,680
  • Dar es Salaam to District of Corruption:        $17,396

Although it’ll never be paid voluntarily, “Clown Princeobama owes the taxpayers just south of $55,000 for the added passengers…. and that’s dam cheap for “Super-Duper” First Class accommodations aboard AirFarceOne!

    This certainly begs the discussion on any president’s private use of public equipment, facilities.  Seems to me that with corporations having travel budgets for their CEOs and other high level executives, so should the federal government.  We–you and I, the folks footin’ the bill–can’t hitch a ride when his royal clownness goes to Hawaii TWICE IN ONE WEEK, so why are we supposed to pay for the mother-in-law and the brother’s kid?!?

    Given that it costs the taxpayer just shy of a quarter-million bucks just to fire up AirFarceOne’s  engines and taxi to the end of the runway;

Given that the “Clown Princeobama family is averaging nearly ONE VACATION PER MONTH for the past 4-1/2 years, this discussion is becoming more and more necessary as the days tick on.

Sure there are official trips that every president is expected to make, but the instant his wife/mistress, family, familial ingrates climb aboard, it becomes a quasi-vacation, at least for the family hangers-on.  To that end, said hangers-on should be billed for FIRST CLASS passage from departure point through each destination point, on to the final stop in the District of Corruption.   Once, the president’s vacation expenses(transportation AND housing) reach a pre-determined point, like $3,000,000, he/she should be billed for the full expense ($180,000PER HOUR) of flitting from one fundraiser-to-the-next!! 

    Although this president’s performance would dispute it, the primary presidential responsibility IS NOT FUNDRAISING, nor is it PERFORMING policy speeches from various points throughout the United States!  This president–of course with necessary clearance from The Bilderberg Group–should consider: “WWRMD” as translated:

“What Would Ronaldus-Magnus Do?”

    Don’cha think it’s kinda “rubbin’ your nose in it” when a ruler destroys an economy; makes plans to destroy the national energy production, then goes on a $100Million vacation?!?  This guy lives like he’s Bill Gates (sorry for the insult, Mr Gates) on a comparative White House Usher’s salary!!

Til Nex’Time….

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