First: An Apology!

    Those who’ve read this blog for a while, know that I’m an O-T-R truck driver that’s been forced off the road.  The antiquated US-DOT regs that do not allow a ‘needle-dependent diabetic’ to drive a commercial vehicle are my nemesis!!  While a driver with Crete Carrier Corp., I spent a lot of time delivering in and around Laredo, Texas.  While down there, I’d see Mexican National drivers with their tractors; tractors that’d have trouble “buying a spot” in an American JUNKYARD!!  Well, since then “Clown Princeobama has decided that the aforementioned Mexican drivers and their ‘less-than-roadworthy’ equipment would be welcome additions to America’s already clogged highway system.

    When I saw this article on the TV news about a truck that ‘lost’ it’s trailer which then struck a van and killed it’s seven occupants.  The first thing I thought of was that it was a Mexican driver with his ‘less-than-roadworthy’ equipment that caused this gruesome loss of life!!  Here’s where the apology comes in:  I did jump to conclusions, automatically blaming what I consider some of the worst commercial transportation equipment on the planet!!

    Turns out that a local company, hauling crushed junk cars was/is the culprit!!

From the aforementioned article, it seems said company only formed last year, and as such, has not been thru many DOT Roadside Inspections.  The company very well may be running poor equipment, working to establish a business that can afford better, safer equipment.  Who knows?!?

    Again, my apologies to Mexican commercial drivers everywhere!!

Til Nex’Time….