A Patriotic Response to the “Clown Prince;” 05/11/2013

barackingham Palace,

District of Corruption,

May 11, 2013

    Our top priority as a nation is reigniting the true engine of our economic  growth – a rising, thriving middle class.  And few things define what it is to  be middle class in America more than owning your own cornerstone of the American  Dream: a home.

Today, seven years after the real estate bubble burst, triggering the worst  economic crisis since the Great Depression and costing millions of responsible  Americans their jobs and their homes, our housing market is healing.  Sales are  up.  Foreclosures are down.  Construction is expanding.  And thanks to rising  home prices over the past year, 1.7 million more families have been able to come  up for air, because they’re no longer underwater on their mortgages.

    From the day I took office, I’ve made it a priority to help responsible  homeowners and prevent the kind of recklessness that helped cause this crisis in  the first place.  My housing plan has already helped more than two million people refinance  their mortgages, and they’re saving an average of $3000 per year.  My new consumer watchdog agency is moving forward on protections like a  simpler, shorter mortgage form that will help to keep hard-working families from  getting ripped off.

[What I’m not telling you: Now that I’ve been trapped here at ‘the palace’ cuz it’s Mother’s Day weekend, I may as well make everyone’s life as miserable as mine is at this moment!  My intention is to attempt to explain all the stupid shit I–and my minions–get involved in!  There are a couple of important topics in the news; one is important, one not so much.  Let’s look into the important one, maybe later in the blather opp, we’ll wrap up with those of lesser importance.

    We–and by ‘we’ I mean The Bilderberg Group–have spent each year in control of the executive branch, pushing those destructive, socio-fascist policies that caused the FDR Depression as well as the obamaDepression.  We’re all aware of those ‘alphabet policies and programs’ during the twelve-year reign of FDR which were responsible for the duration of the FDR Depression, much like The Bilderberg Group‘s policies are extending the equally destructive obamaDepression farther and farther into the future.  

    Although I continue in my attempts to convince the general public that this regime’s focus has been exclusively  on jobs creation and on affordable middle-class home ownership, that’s a hard-sell when I spend days at a time with my buddies lesser acquaintances raising money to continue the destruction of the American middle-class.  As we socio-fascists are famous for, I not only intend to continue “Slick-Willie‘s” housing policies, but intend to make them even more problematic than they were in the 1990s.  See, when “Slick” was the ruler, he hired–now NY GovernorAndrew Cuomo to run his Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).  Between the two of them, they pretty much left Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae ‘on life support,’ financially!!  We want to expand those policies to be even more destructive than they’ve been during my first reign.  One final note in this block: every statement form; every application form; every enrollment form have one thing in common:  They include an application to join the obamacRATic party and to vote obamacRATic in future elections!!]

    But we’ve got more work to do.  We’ve got more responsible homeowners to help  – folks who have never missed a mortgage payment, but aren’t allowed to  refinance; working families who have done everything right, but still owe more  on their homes than they’re worth.  Last week, I nominated a man named Mel Watt to take on these challenges as  the head of the Federal Housing Finance Agency.  Mel’s represented the people of  North Carolina in Congress for 20 years, and in that time, he helped lead  efforts to put in place rules of the road that protect consumers from dishonest  mortgage lenders, and give responsible Americans the chance to own their own  home.  He’s the right person for the job, and that’s why Congress should do its  job, and confirm him without delay. 

    And they shouldn’t stop there.  As I said before, more than two million  Americans have already refinanced at today’s low rates, but we can do a lot  better than that.  I’ve called on Congress to give every responsible homeowner  the chance to refinance, and with it, the opportunity to save $3,000 a year.   That’s like a $3,000 tax cut.  And if you’re one of the millions of Americans  who could take advantage of that, you should ask your representative in Congress  why they won’t act on it.  Our economy and our housing market are poised for progress – but we could do  so much more if we work together.  More good jobs.  Greater security for  middle-class families.  A sense that your hard work is rewarded.  That’s what  I’m fighting for – and that’s what I’m going to keep fighting for as long as I  hold this office.

[What I’m not telling you:  Although I’ll never admit it in public–this lil’ tet-a-tet is just ‘tween you ‘n’ me–but my first reign was successful in keeping people in homes they blindly purchased, far more house than they’d ever afford!  Now, with my appointment of ‘Brother’ Watt to the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA), I’ve paid off an important contributor as well as keeping within the confines of the pro-negro mindset. Actually ‘Brother’ Watt has no business in the position of managing any more funds than are contained in his personal checking account!!  As with other obamacRATic political appointees, ‘Brother’ Watt will find some other–read: personal–use of significant amounts of said public funds.  Not only that, Mel Watt is assuredly the most openly racist individual either in the Congress or as an obama appointee!

    Now, ‘Brother’ Watt will be in charge of ignoring the remaining $120 Billion of the total $170 Billion in bailout funds.  Not only that: how would one expect an openly racist negro to act when given control over mortgage accounts totaling over $5 TRILLION?!?  As usual, I’ll demand that Congress give the American homeowner even further financial relief as we did during the $787 Billion PORKulus bailout during my first reign.  This time, we’ll have the same approach as with the ill-fated Secastration: I refused total control of that so I could blame the republicRATics for the economic destruction and demise, which never happened!!  We need to denigrate the republicRATics at every turn for a win in the 2014 mid-terms.  With that win, we’ll control the House of Representatives, thus one-party RULE!!  I can’t comment on my Benghazi Murders; it’s an ongoing investigation.]