A Patriotic Response to the “Clown Prince;” 04/27/2013

barackingham Palace,

District of Corruption

April 27, 2013 

    Our top priority as a nation must be growing the economy,  creating good jobs, and rebuilding opportunity for the middle class.  But two months ago, Congress allowed a series of automatic budget cuts to  fall across the federal government that would do the opposite.  In  Washington-speak, these cuts were called the “sequester.”  It was a bad idea  then.  And as the country saw this week, it’s a bad idea now.  Because of these reckless cuts, there are parents whose kids just got kicked  out of Head Start programs scrambling for a solution.  There are seniors who  depend on programs like Meals on Wheels to live independently looking for help.   There are military communities – families that have already sacrificed enough –  coping under new strains.  All because of these cuts.  This week, the sequester hurt travelers, who were stuck for hours in airports  and on planes, and rightly frustrated by it.  And, maybe because they fly home  each weekend, the Members of Congress who insisted these cuts take hold finally  realized that they actually apply to them too.  Republicans claimed victory when the sequester first took effect, and now  they’ve decided it was a bad idea all along.  Well, first, they should look at  their own budget.  If the cuts they propose were applied across the board, the  FAA would suffer cuts three times deeper.

[What I’m not telling you: And now, let’s separate the truth as the American public knows it, from the lies as programmed on my teleprompter; or as they say in the mid-west: “let’s separate the wheat from the chaff.” 

Although the socio-fascist media tries to keep most of the political facts from both the legal and the illegal voters in America, there’s always a certain amount that eventually sees the light of day.

Firstly, the sequestion plan–or as I like to say: secastration plan-that was what it was supposed to do to the conservatives–was entirely my plan, and mine alone!  I quietly (euphemism for secretly) chose the obamacRATics on the panel; I quietly chose the topics to most damage the economy.

Secondly, after much deliberation where I continually changed my mind on the parameters and goals of sequestration, Speaker Boner er… Boehner, finally gave in by informing me of the conservatives’ plan to allow me to make every decision concerning sequestration.  Actually this became part of his ‘win.’  I had to publically refuse the opportunity and from this point the whole sequester plan became a dismal failure from the view of what I had imagined would be the final consequences.

Thirdly, sequestration was to both annoy the general public as well as put a strangle-hold on the American economy, particularly as it pertained to small business.  Neither of which happened!  There was virtually no annoyance felt; there was little-to-no damage to either the economy in general or to the small business segment.

    Other than this week’s air traffic controllers’ kerfuffle, virtually nothing of what I said ever happened.  I so dislike those teleprompter programmers who can’t fact-check!!  Yes, the Congress members travel by air.  Yes, the Congress members were leaving the District of Corruption on Friday for vacation.  But–what the obamacRATic whiners aren’t considering–air is the primary mode of travel for those trips of any measurable distance.  So the aforementioned kerfuffle affects far more than the Congress members.  The “high up muckety-mucks” in the FAA could have easily avoided this current kerfuffle, but they’re obamacRATs and they do what The Bilderberg Group tells them!  They could have voluntarily done what the Congress is doing with legislation: assign the cuts to some other area in the Transportation Department!!]

So Congress passed a temporary fix.  A Band-Aid.  But these cuts are  scheduled to keep falling across other parts of the government that provide  vital services for the American people.  And we can’t just keep putting  Band-Aids on every cut.  It’s not a responsible way to govern.  There is only  one way to truly fix the sequester: by replacing it before it causes further  damage.  A couple weeks ago, I put forward a budget that replaces the next several  years of these dumb cuts with smarter cuts; reforms our tax code to close  wasteful special interest loopholes; and invests in things like education,  research, and manufacturing that will create new jobs right now.   So I hope Members of Congress will find the same sense of urgency and  bipartisan cooperation to help the families still in the crosshairs of these  cuts.  They may not feel the pain felt by kids kicked off Head Start, or the  750,000 Americans projected to lose their jobs because of these cuts, or the  long-term unemployed who will be further hurt by them.  But that pain is  real.  The American people worked too hard, for too long, rebuilding from one  economic crisis just to see your elected officials keep causing more.  Our  economy is growing.  Our deficits are shrinking.  We’re creating jobs on a  consistent basis.  But we need to do more to help middle-class families get  ahead, and give more folks a chance to earn their way into the middle class.   And we can, if we work together.  That’s what you expect.  That’s what I’m going  to work every single day to help deliver.

[What I’m not telling you:  One of the few truisms you’ll find in any of my blather opportunities is the first sentence in the paragraph above.  The prompter programmers got that one right;  a Band-Aid (the legislation involving air traffic controllers) for a ‘royal’ boo-boo (the temporary problem of sequestration, caused by me stamping-my-feet and holding my breath until I got to win).

    Since my first immaculation, have I ever put forth a budget that has garnered even ONE VOTE?!?  I’ve not gotten ONE VOTE from my own party, the OBAMACRATICS!!  If I can’t convince the obamacRATics that my plans are worthwhile, how can I convince anyone else?  Remember folks, I’m a lawyer, and if that wasn’t bad enough, I’m a former street agitator whose never taken a paycheck that was not funded by a government somewhere, at some level.  Hell, my best friend is an unrepentant, uncharged, unconvicted bomber of public and government buildings, who gave me my political start.  The actions of this friend, ‘Little Billy Anyers,” are almost exactly like the “Boston Bombers,” wantonly destroying buildings and lives, without regard to the outcomes!! 

    The two referenced groups of people–the Head-Start participants and the unemployed–are the two worst examples to use!!  Head-Start is a dismal failure that the obamacratics continue to pour billions after billions into with no recordable improvement over those non-participants!  It’s nothing more than a vote-buying scheme involving those with their hands out!  The unemployed is a totally different ‘kettle-of-fish.’  These folks should know better but have fallen into the trap of the government handout–and with that–they rarely look for work.  So long as the government–the socio-fascists among us—continues to pay them, it becomes far easier to give up their self-respect, stay home, sit on the couch with their hand out, waiting for the next check!! 

    Come on, guys!!  That phrase:

That’s what I’m going to work every single day to help deliver.…”

That’s getting pretty old and tired!  I’ve used some form of it in practically every lie I’ve promulgated since my first immaculation.  We gotta come up with something new; something the majority of Americans will believe!!  See, so far all we’ve convinced are those voters who’ll vote obamacRATic because they know they’ll be paid off in some form or fashion!  We need to attract the MAJORITY of American voters; those who go to work every day; those who can actually have an independent thought, those who can carry on an intelligent conversation!!  Without them, the ’14 mid-term victories I envision, will be just another obamacRATic wet-dream!!]