I Don’t Know How You Do It….!

    A coupl’a points before we get started:

1.  Twitter just doesn’t allow for lengthy twits to thoroughly explain a point.

2.  There are several reverseeuphemisms for the male testicles: balls, nuts, balls-of-brass, stones, cojones, hangy-down things, et al.  Testicular fortitude is defined as the trait of standing up for ones self; for the downtrodden, the mistreated; standing up against the arrogant, the inept, the blusterful, the stupid, the unlearned, et al.

    May I call you “Clownie” or would you prefer the more formal “Clown Princeobama?!?  Let’s assume you’ve read this.  Let’s assume–a really, really big assumption–you’ll be less-formal with me.  As I see it, “Clownie;” you’ve got a capacity of testicular fortitude that can only be measured in ‘hundreds-of-tons.”  To that end, you’re displaying every ounce each time you demonstrate your uncaring attitude toward those subjects you claim to rule.  How can you:

a.  Attach a donation request to a site that purports to express gratitude for those who helped during the latest radical muslim terrorist acts, the Boston Bombings and murders committed by the aforementioned radical muslim terrorists.

b.  Continue with your monthly vacations in the face of a nationwide obamadepression that you–yourself–have perpetrated.

c.  Continue to repress and hide all information concerning the four Americans you and Secretary Clinton conspired to murder.

d.  Continue to protect the radical muslim terrorist acts, mindset, persons from any detractors, foreign or domestic

e.  We could go on and on here, but in conclusion-Your greatest display of nuts the-size-of-railroad-freight-cars is…. you guessed it!!

You and your putz-frau, Michelle Antoinette showing up in Dallas, Texas, for the dedication of the

President George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum!!  After dragging said president ‘thru-the-mud’ on a regular basis in the past five-years, you got’cher-stones, just showing up!!

    I’m guessin’ “Clownie,” that somewhere in the future, someone will attempt to ‘educate’ you in the ways of a polite and conservative world…. and…. much as you are, you’ll refuse to accept the information.  You’ve always–albeit, incorrectly–considered yourself “the smartest guy in the room!”  But like I said, you’ve been incorrect all of your life.

    Although I don’t condone the incredibly inept way you’ve ruled this country into ruin, I certainly hope you and your ‘betters’–the remaining former presidents–are left unscathed at the end of the day.  To that end, every single Dallas policeman will be on-duty for the festivities!

Comments, anyone? 

Til Nex’Time….