A Patriotic Response to the “Clown Prince;” 04/06/2013

barackingham Palace,

District of Corruption

April 6, 2013

[Sorry this is so late; the blogger recently joined PlanetFitness and is sore all over!!]

Our top priority as a nation, and my top priority as  President, must be doing everything we can to reignite the engine of America’s  growth: a rising, thriving middle class.  That’s our North Star.  That must  drive every decision we make.  Now, yesterday, we learned that our businesses created 95,000 new jobs last  month.  That’s about 500,000 new jobs this year, and nearly 6.5 million new jobs  over the past three years.  But we’ve got more work to do to get the economy growing faster, so that  everybody who wants a job can find one.  And that means we need fewer  self-inflicted wounds from Washington, like the across-the-board spending cuts  that are already hurting many communities – cuts that economists predict will  cost our economy hundreds of thousands of jobs this year.  If we want to keep rebuilding this economy on a stronger, sturdier foundation  for growth – growth that creates good, middle-class jobs – we need to make  smarter choices.  This week, I’ll send a budget to Congress that will help do just that – a  fiscally-responsible blueprint for middle-class jobs and growth.  For years, an argument in Washington has raged between reducing our deficits  at all costs, and making the investments we need to grow the economy.  My budget  puts that argument to rest.  Because we don’t have to choose between these goals  – we can do both.  After all, as we saw in the 1990s, nothing reduces deficits  faster than a growing economy.  My budget will reduce our deficits not with aimless, reckless spending cuts  that hurt students and seniors and middle-class families – but through the  balanced approach that the American people prefer, and the investments that a  growing economy demands.

[What I’m not telling you:  How ’bout that!?!  A new ‘buzz-phrase!!  The Bilderberg Group has adopted their new buzz-phrase of “….our North Star!”  Their old, tired rhetoric was beginning to lose it’s relevance in the pursuit of socialism, in the pursuit of fascism, in the pursuit of one-world currency, in pursuit of a one-world government as well as the pursuit of the complete destruction of capitalism.  All those jobs statistics don’t mean shit!!  It’s certainly not me that’s gonna take credit for…

One-The loss of over 9,000,000 jobs during the course of The Bilderberg Group‘s oversight of the obama Regime‘s American economic destruction, and 

Two-All those bailouts disguising my payoffs to my supporters, my donors and The Bildergerg Group‘s major players which were financed by borrowed money from the Chi-Comms!!  With that much purchasing power, investment power taken out of the economy, there’s little left for continuing operations.  This entire obama-Depression is of my–singular–creation!!  I’ll not share credit with Michelle Antoinette, The Bilderberg Group ‘big-wigs’ or anyone else!! While the money has to be eventually paid back; I’m only concerned with the next three-years’ interest payments .  Your great- and great, great-grandchildren will be the ones paying off that bungle.  I’ll be long gone!!  Most probably the King of Kenya (or…. Kenyan President-For-Life) by then!!]

    Now, the truth is, our deficits are already shrinking.  That’s a fact.  I’ve  already signed more than $2.5 trillion in deficit reduction into law, and my  budget will reduce our deficits by nearly $2 trillion more, without harming the  recovery.  That surpasses the goal of $4 trillion in deficit reduction that many  economists believe will stabilize our finances.  We’ll make the tough reforms required to strengthen Medicare for the future,  without undermining the rock-solid guarantee at its core.  And we’ll enact  commonsense tax reform that includes closing wasteful tax loopholes for the  wealthy and well-connected – loopholes like the ones that can allow a  billionaire to pay a lower tax rate than his or her secretary.  This is the compromise I offered the Speaker of the House at the end of last  year.  While it’s not my ideal plan to further reduce the deficit, it’s a  compromise I’m willing to accept in order to move beyond a cycle of short-term,  crisis-driven decision-making, and focus on growing our economy and our middle  class for the long run.  It includes ideas many Republicans have said they could  accept as well.  It’s a way we can make progress together.  But deficit reduction cannot come at the cost of economic growth or  middle-class security.  And it doesn’t have to.  My budget will make critical  investments to grow the economy, create jobs, and strengthen the middle  class.

     As I said in my State of the Union Address, every day, we should ask  ourselves three questions: how do we make America a magnet for good jobs?  How  do we give our workers the skills they need to do those jobs?  And how do we  make sure that hard work leads to a decent living?  To make America a magnet for good jobs, we’ll invest in high-tech  manufacturing and homegrown American energy, put people to work building new  roads, bridges, and schools, and cut red tape to help businesses grow.

To give workers the skills they need to do those jobs, we’ll invest in  education that begins in the earliest years, and job training that better equips  workers to compete in a 21st century  economy.  To make sure hard work is rewarded, we’ll build new ladders of opportunity  into the middle class, and focus on revitalizing some of our communities  hardest-hit by recession and job loss.  All of these investments will help grow the economy and create jobs.  None of  them will add to the deficit.  And I will lay out these priorities in greater  detail in the days ahead.  It’s a budget that doesn’t spend beyond our means.  And it’s a budget that  doesn’t make harsh and unnecessary cuts that only serve to slow our economy.   We’ll keep our promise to an aging generation by shoring up Medicare.  And we’ll  keep our promise to the next generation by investing in  the fundamentals that have always made America strong – manufacturing and  innovation, energy and education.  Because that’s what it’ll take to make sure America remains strong in the  years ahead – and to leave behind something better for our kids.

[What I’m not telling you:  That first paragraph of this block…. the one about me signing deficits into law… that one?!?  That’s just more rhetorical, political bullshit!!  See, what we–politicians of ALL parties–never tell you is that everything that directly affects spending rates and totals, is programmed to occur “over-ten-years;” everything that directly or indirectly affects the amounts available to spend, is programmed to happen immediately!!  See how that works?? 

{1}  We get all the money we want to spend, actually: Piss away on socialist programs to create more governmental dependency

{2}  That “over-ten-years” phrase can only be explained by example:  Say…. I recently lied–which I did–about a reduction of $2,000,000,000,000 [Trillion] “over-ten-years.”  That works out to $200,000,000,000 [Billion] per year.  Now…. after my fuzzy, half-white ass is tossed out of barackingham Palace, it all changes!!  More than likely, the title of “The People’s House” will revert back to ‘The White House,’ and as such will be occupied by a non-obamacRATic president.  Said president is not obligated to honor any over-ten-years agreements any previous president–or in my case: Ruler–has entered into!!  In that case, the new president can start the process of increased, highly toxic, unrepayable deficit spending without regard to the previous total national debt or any repayment schedules!!  Cool, aye?!? 

    With the aforementioned in mind, one can easily see how this entire economic devastation that’s befallen the United States is caused by me!  Given this information, is it as baffling to you as it is to me how the know-nothings that support me, continue to support me?!?  Do they not realize their lives would have been infinitely better, had I not been reimmaculated?!?  This photo certainly applies here:

Well, I have to run…. I’m gonna go somewhere to blather on about something.  See, when I’m out of barackingham Palace, the “know-nothings” don’t believe that I’m associated–or responsible–with anything I’m blathering on about.]