Education Without Student Loans!

    Aught’Oh!!  “Clown Princeobama really ain’t gonna like this post!!  See, he’s all for everyone getting an education but only if they–in the process of said education–come under the thumb of the obama regime with the use of federal student loans.  While CPo whines about the ever-increasing tuition rates he does nothing to change the situation.  The “Clown Prince‘s” continual promotion of the necessary of “FOUR MORE YEARS” of education beyond high school only serves as a catalyst for said tuition increases.

    Rochester (New York) radio has for the past several months, advertised a company that:

will give the applicant the opportunity for an education, and

will pay said applicant $10/hr while he/she is in student status, and

will provide priority hiring status upon course completion.

Of course during this student status, the company has requirements both acedemic and personal that have to be met to continue enrollment.

    The graduates of this program can/will be hired to operate CNC machines in a shop atmosphere.  Machining steel into all sorts of things certainly sounds interesting to me.  I did the same type of work, but with wood.  I made some of the pieces/parts for the ‘high-end furniture made and marketed by the Gunlocke Company, Wayland, N.Y.  A great job, with great pay, with a great future!!

    If you have a child in their sophomore, junior or senior year of high school, you aught’a check this company out.  Their URL is:

Be sure to read each segment on the site; very interesting; very informative!

If you live in the region, this may be a solution to your family’s educational necessities!

    We–in the Rochester, N.Y., area–are availed some of the best learning institutions in the country, if not in the world!!  But–considering MY wallet–they’re pricing themselves out of the market, i.e.,

U of R School of Music: a 3.9% increase to $44,580;

U of R School of Medicine/Dentistry: 4.0% increase to $46,500;

U of R School of Nursing: (RN accel prog) 4.0% increase to $57,750;

U of R Simon School of Business: 4.0% increase to $49,100;

U of R Warner School of Education: 3.8% increase to $39,936 FOR EACH AND EVERY ACEDEMIC YEAR!!

Comments, anyone?

Til Nex’Time….