Sequester SHOULD Stop Presidential Travel

    Hey… Barry!  May I call you Barry?  Would you prefer “Clown Prince?”  OK, ok!! “Your Ineptness,” it shall be!  Well, be that as it may, You and I gotta problem!  First of all, you “showed your ass” in this sequestration ‘head-fake’ bullshit; you aught not have tried that.  Those young republicRATics–like Marco Rubio; like Ted Cruz; like Rand Paul–are developing balls at a hugely-fast rate!!

    See, when you–we checked with Bob Woodward, and you did–demanded huge cuts in the Department of Defense’s budget as punishment for allowing sequestration to be put into law, you–thankfully, for the taxpayers–cut your travel budget!! Yup, even for those quasi-official, diplomatic campaign stops you’re famous for!! As quoted here:

He [the current “Clown Prince”] has a business expense budget of $50,000 a year, a travel expense budget of  $100,000 a year, and an entertainment budget of $19,000 a year.

The expense account is generally used for meetings that aren’t covered by  other government departments and for other things that would generally be called  “business expenses.” Whenever the president travels for state business  (diplomacy), the State Department and Defense Department pay for all of it. When  he or his family travels for pleasure (vacation), the security and some travel  costs are paid for by government (Defense Department and Department of  Transportation). When the president travels for political purposes, his  political party picks up much of the (non-security) tab.

at least half of your travel expenses are covered by the Defense Department ‘sleight-of-hand’ accounting-wise!  Your annual travel budget barely covers bringing the Air Farce One engines up to take-off speeds, ONCE!! ($180,000 per-hour versus $100,000 per-year)  See “Bare…” while you’re flittin’ willy-nilly, around the country-side, we taxpayers are hoping that the aforementioned ‘young-buck’ senators will stop the plane in some God-forsaken, third-world rathole, and padlock the doors!!  That’d keep your fuzzy, half-caucasian ass out’ta the way ’til you can find a ride ‘home!!’

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