Is It Any Wonder….?

    We’ve recently been forced to watch the republicRATics’ “old-guard” senators react to the Senator Rand Paul filibuster.  They–in the persona of both McCain and Grahamnesty–publically chastised him and his like for deviating from the Marxist ways of said Senate oldsters.  In that vein, the same ol’ garters guarders refused to support Ted Cruz in his most recent–successful–Senate campaign; instead supporting Texas’ former Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst whom Mr Cruz CRUSHED in a primary run-off!

    I’d think this campaign and resultant election indicates that the younger citizens; younger voters–at least in Texas–are wising up to the liberal left’s destructive Marxist blather and actions.  They need but to check Senator Cruz’s resume to see this man is a dedicated conservative, with the peoples’ rights foremost in his mind!! Senators Rubio, Paul and Cruz seem to be the new breed of conservative the republicRATic ol’ garters guarders are afraid of.  We need to continue to elect fine young men to promote and augment their conservative thoughts and actions!!

Comments, anyone?

Til Nex’Time….