Ya Jis’ Gotta Love That Louie Gohmert!

    This guy is always thinkin’!!  Seems to me that Louie‘s thoughts are usually in the arena of fairness.  He’s suggesting that as long as the tours of barackingham Palace have been suspended due to secastration seQUEStration, “Clown Princeobama should fund his own dam’ play-dates!  I agree so far as it went.

    I think the right-thinking Congress should take the Gohmert suggestion and expand it exponentially to include our ruler, the House as well as the Senate:

1.  So long as there’s no current budget in force the aforementioned should experience:

    a.  First year-no franking (postal) privileges.

    b.  Second year-add no senate/house dining privileges/Camp David privileges.

    c.  Third year-add no funded travel to anywhere, for any reason.

    d.  Fourth year-add no further pay or cash allowances.

2.  So long as there’s no balanced budget, the aforementioned should experience no international travel–defined as beyond the borders of the ‘lower48‘–for ANY federal workers: hired, appointed or elected, AT ANY AND ALL LEVELS.

3.  So long as the Federal Reserve Chairman (currently, Mr Bernanke) continues to print money for ‘quantative easing’ all elected and appointed federal workers will incrementally forfeit 1% per month for each $10billion increment in wasteful printing.  This month that would be 8.5% of March’s pay and allowances.  The Federal Reserve has been printing $85billion per month for several months which does little more that prop up the stock market and the catastrophic obamaconomy.

    There are many more instances that could strangle “Clown Princeobama‘s inept mismanagement until he’s kicked off ‘his throne’ or until the economy recovers from it’s marxist transgressions.  Each of these penalties would and should inspire the working-class to financially, figuratively and really KICK EACH RULING-CLASS MEMBERS’ ASS up-and-down-the-street until they understand that we–said working-class–are fed up with our money being wasted DAILY!  The referenced ruling-class are not–and never were–entitled to just spend OUR MONEY, willy-nilly, as though it just falls from the sky!!

Comments, anyone?

Til Nex’time….

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