….NOT As I Do!!

    Remember how unglued Mark Kelly (MISTER Gabby Giffords) when his wife took a shot to the head?!?  A shot that was initiated by a real nut job…. NOT the gun itself, as MISTER Giffords-Kelly would have you believe!  For a couple of years MISTER Giffords-Kelly wanted all of us to believe that the primary fault lies with the weapon, not the human perpetrator and because of that, all guns have to be outlawed at all costs!!

   Now we find that MISTER Giffords-Kelly has completed the paperwork for a federal background check as well as the various reams of paper required to make said purchases:

Mark Kelly

for an ‘assault’ weapon such as this, below:

as well as the ol’ military standby, the 1911 Colt 45 cal:

MISTER Giffords-Kelly allegedly intends to turn in the “alleged assault weapon” to make his mis-guided point.  The final destination of the 45 cal has not been disclosed!!

Comments, anyone?

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