Legal For CPo To Continue Murdering Americans!

    In response to a Senator Rand Paul letter questioning the legality of using unmanned drones to spy on and possibly murder Americans IN AMERICA, general holder says hell yea, why not?!?  Given that “Clown Princeobamain concert with HillaryRob-emClinton–has experience in murdering American citizens, he has yet to do so within the confines of the United States’ various land masses.  Although in the holder-Paul letter, holder is reacting to what he calls a hypothetical situation; we know that the “Clown Prince” enjoys ‘pushing-the-envelope‘ by turning hypotheticals into realities!!  Hell, have we ever-before had a sitting U.S. president work in concert  with his Secretary of State to murder four of it’s federal–non-military–employees?!?  We very-well may in the near future.

    It’s the responsibility of the DHS to spec and order weapons and equipment necessary to protect the nation from various miscreants within and without the nation’s several borders.  This seems to be why said department spec’d the drones to track and intercept radio signals; spec’d the drones to reasonably determine if the tracked subject is armed so “Clown Princeobama can reasonably blow’em to hell, i.e., murder ’em….. i.e., Benghazi-esque!

Now comes the time to buy weapons of all sorts–legally, or not–buy the appropriate ammunition and take the appropriate actions within the confines of the property to conceal and protect one and one’s family!!

Comments, anyone?

Til Nex’Time….

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