Is There ANYTHING CPo Won’t Mess With?!?

    Amongst his important concerns like destruction of the American economy; denying his origination of the sequestration plan; urging his regime’s denegration of Bob Woodward‘s professional reputation; the blaming of republicRATics for everything; taking as many taxpayer-funded tripsat $180k, per mile–as possible, “Clown Princeobama (CPo) and “The Marxist Clowns” in his regime are now weighing in on the legality of other countries‘ laws, rules and regulations!

    Back in 2008 a German family came to the United States seeking political asylum to continue to homeschool their children.  See, modern-day Germany doesn’t allow for the homeschooling of German children.  I’m thinkin’ this must be a holdover from “the ol’ Uncle Adolf” days when–much like the America of today–mind control was/is everything! 

The regime can’t control the mind the regime doesn’t educate!!

    The real kerfuffle–in my mind at least–is….

just what’s the origins of the CPo position on this single problem?  Does it stem from marxism or does it stem from a religious background?

    We’ve more-or-less discovered and confirmed that “Clown Princeobama (CPo), his thoughts, his decisions, his actions are controlled by members of The Bilderberg Group.  That group is–in turn–controlled by the Bank for International Settlements.  Both groups have high concentrations of marxists; marxist thought; marxist action!

    The referenced German family are also noted as “christian,” and as such are candidates for persecution by the muslim terrorist influences of the “Clown Princeobama (CPo) regime.  The “Clown Prince” grew up a muslim with economic terrorist influences through his father, the senior clown.  CPo‘s marxist proclivities coupled with his muslim-terrorist training and influences seem to be the determining factors in refusing political asylum status for said German family.  Is this the level of control that all current American citizens have to look forward to?!?

I’m jis askin’!

Comments, anyone?

Til Nex’Time….

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