Boehner Actually Promoting MORE Gun Control?

    Apparently Speaker Boehner hasn’t heard about the communistic approach to gun rights, we citizens of Marxist New York State live under.  Mr Boehner should have read the papers; watched his taxpayer-provided office big-screen!  He would have found that we New Yorkers ain’t too keen on having our throats stood upon, constitutionally speaking!!

    As with most bills passed by the New York Legislature, the NY SAFE Act was passed in the middle-of-the-night–on January 15, 2013–and signed into law by Marxist Cuomo within 1/2 hour of passage. 

Protesters are to gather in Albany to rally against the SAFE Act Feb 28.

On February 28th, about 10,000 men, women, children, seniors, veterans et al, showed up in Albany to protest said legislation as well as the “night-owl” activities of those elected!

I’m kinda thinkin’ Boehner intends to give the other 49 states’ citizens the same ‘boner‘ that decent, middle-class New Yorkers got from Marxist Cuomo!!

Comments anyone?

Til Nex’Time….