Is ‘TFI, CPo’ REALLY Deranged?!?

    “Clown Princeobama (CPo) has finally gone beyond ineptitude, beyond incompetence to a state of mental derangement, a trip into functional madness!!  I intend to contact my invisible senator, Kirsten Gillibrand to see if the Palace psychiatrist has been involved in CPo‘s mental-health care.  Never-the-less, TFI, CPo (That Fuckin’ Idiotic, “Clown Princeobama) has been isolated in his madness, to wit:

a couple’a days ago TFI, CPo trotted ‘Big Sis,’ Janet Napolitano out to announce the ludicrus plan to release imprisoned illegals, pretending that’s it’s more than a publicity stunt ahead of the miniscule sequestration budget cuts.  TFI, CPo wrongly believes that the ‘Big Sis‘ announcement isolates him from this treasonous, impeachable act; sadly though, the “Clown Prince” hasn’t thought this through.

Firstly, HillaryRob’emClinton is no longer available–as a member of the regime–to ‘take responsibility’ for his stupidity. TFI, CPo might consider asking her replacement, John Forbes-Heinz-Kerry to step in and announce his ‘Hillaryesque’ intentions!!

Secondly, by definition said “Clown Prince” is responsible for any and all actions, statements, declarations, stupid thoughts ANYONE  in his administration undertakes!!  Hence, he and other cohorts are subject to impeachment proceedings although the various obamunists will keep him from legal action.

    The general populus–including the low-information voters–should be outraged!  About a month ago, TFI, CPo issued twenty-three (?) Executive Orders, some of which instructed ICE and Border Patrol agents to detain and incarcerate only those illegals convicted of serious–felony–crimes.  Hence, ‘Big Sis‘ will–and can only–release the murderers, the rapists, the human traffickers, the traffickers of monumental amounts of drugs, possibly others in various stages of ill repute!!

Comments, anyone?

Til Nex’Time….