Don’t We Deserve Better Than This?!?

    The “Clown Princeobama (CPo) designed sequestration plan is suddenly not a plan that will work, even given that CPo can pick-and-choose those line-items he wants to cut.  Of course CPo is choosing those items that will damage the American integrity and security while causing the greatest consternation among those who actually fund the government!  Added among these cuts CPo is threatening, he’s dragging out the Stephanie Cutter concept of a ‘balanced approach!’

    The republicRATics–those folks taking all the ‘CPo heat‘–have never put forth their version of a plan of what or where to cut the budget this miniscule amount everyone is whining about!! 

It’s all obama; all the time!!

Let’s look at this CPocreated finance problem another way:

let’s say you take-home $100,000 annually, and

let’s say your boss says he’s gotta cut your pay by the sequestration rate of 1.36436% [$85 Bln divided by $6,230 Bln], and you’ll find that you’re giving up $1,364.36 in take-home pay, annually [344.5 gallons of gas or 623 pounds of ground beef-Rochester, N.Y.];

which is $113.70 per month [28.7 gallons of gas or 51.92 lbs of ground beef-Rochester, NY];

which is $26.24 per week [6.6 gallons of gas or, 12 pounds of ground beef-Rochester, NY];

which is 66 CENTS per hour which will buy 1/6th of a gallon of gas in Rochester, N.Y., which at 30 mpg, will carry you all of FIVE MILES!!

On average,  few ‘Rochester workers’ earn $100,000; more like $35,000, so let’s look at the obama created sequestration cuts from that perspective:

pay cut: $477.53 annually [120 gallons of gas; 218 pounds of ground beef];

which is $39.794 per month [10.05 gallons of gas; 18.171 pounds of ground beef];

which is $9.183 per week [2.32 gallons of gas; 4.193 pounds of ground beef];

which is $1.84 per day [less than 1/2 gallon of gas; just over 3/4 pound of ground beef];

which is $0.229 (23 CENTS) per hour [less than 1/2 PINT of gas; about 1.6 OUNCES of ground beef]!!

This means–by the hour, here in Rochester–the hourly loss equals about 1.88 miles of travel; equals less-than-a-quarter of a McDonaldsDollar-Menu hamburger!!

Like I said: Don’t we deserve better from ALL politicians than arguing over the value of a Dollar-Menu hamburger every half-day?!?

    Not only the actual cuts in expenditures, what about all the taxpayer money wasted with the “Clown Princeobama flying all over the country (at $180,000.00 per hour, or 45,455 gallons of gas PER HOUR; 82,192 pounds of ground beef PER HOUR!!) to denegrate anyone and everyone who does not or will not agree with him and his ludicrus financial/economic policies.  Recently, TFI, CPo (That Fuckin’ Idiot, Clown Prince obama) has instituted a cross-country, 100 city, “Connecting To Your Community” bus tour.  I’ve tried to find which cities, which routes, but can’t so we don’t know how much taxpayer revenue TFI, CPo is wasting on this propaganda tour!!  So, let’s just say that this bullshit trip will cover 20,000 miles in one bus.  One bus is doubtful; TFI, CPo has to have his yes-men as well as his ARMED guards with him so I’m guessin’ he’s using all three of the federal busses purchased for one of his thousands of campaign trips.  But we’ll just consider one diesel powered bus covering the aforementioned 20,000 miles:

The national average for diesel fuel is $4.169 per gallon.

Most heavy busses and trucks average 5-8 mpg.

This means ONE bus will consume between

2,500 gallons [@$10,422.50 which equals 2,632 gallons of gas (78,960 miles!); equals 4,759 pounds of ground beef]


4,000 gallons [@$16,676.00 which equals 4,200 gallons of gas (126,000 miles!); equals 7,615 pounds of ground beef].

    Remember if more than one bus is used, the expenses will rise accordingly.  We’re also not considering the wages and accommodations of two drivers and one ‘porter’ on each bus.

All the flying and bus travel-time considered, soon TFI, CPo will have consumed the same “sequestration-level” funds with his worthless, useless theatrics!!

With the figures provided, you can make your own determinations as to better uses for the money; as to how many poor and/or homeless folks that could’da been fed with all that ground beef!!

Comments, anyone?

Til Nex’Time….

Reference “Lie-Barry:”

Rochester, N.Y. Gas-$3.96/gal; diesel-$4.34/gal; 80% ground beef-$2.19/lb