I Was Impressed!

    Honestly?  I was sure the men in the Daytona field would invoke the “rubbin’ rule” right-off-the-bat, introducing Danica Patrick to the phrase if ya ain’t rubbin,’ ya ain’t racin’ before the first lap was complete.  To their credit they didn’t intentionally try to put her in garage!  I didn’t think Ms Patrick would fare very well in The Daytona 500, given what I’d watched over the course of the past season. Then, she always seemed to end up in the middle of the pack at best.  I’m now hopeful that she’ll have a good showing at each of the upcoming races she enters.

Congrats to Ms Patrick as well as Jimmy Johnson!!

BTW:  Did ya hear James Franco announcing the start of the race; “Drivers, and Danica…..”

What a disservice to Danica Patrick!!

The NASCAR fan-base should demand that Mr Franco have his tongue pad-locked to his lower jaw!!

Comments, anyone?

Til Nex’Time….