Are You Believin’ this obamunistic Bullshit?!?

    Are you listenin’ to this crap “Clown Princeobama is spouting at each-and-every city he’s “campaigning in?”  Actually he’s staying in barackingham Palace for a few days to save the American taxpayer that $180,000.00 per flight hour he so enjoys spending.

I hear him during those incessant soundbites, whining about all the folks that–while they’re not even paid with federal funds–are going to have their hours cut back; lose their jobs, etc., if the upcoming sequestration actually comes to pass.

    Remember the last debt ceiling increase the “Clown Prince” whined for; that the entire world economy would collapse if he weren’t allowed to continue his ‘willy-nilly’ spending spree?!?  That one?!?  Well as a condition of said increase, the “Clown Princehis-own-self came up with this sequestration bullshit as a promise that future spending cuts would eventually materialize.  The time has come for someone to ‘pay-the-piper‘ and The Bilderberg Group‘s U.S. representative doesn’t want to!!  Now he’s trying to assign blame for said sequestration to the republicRATics as is the norm for him and his ‘no-class’ obamunists!  What’s the silly-ass actually whining about?!?  The $110 billion sequestration will cut from budgeted spending!!  That’s LESS THAN TEN-DAYS’ SPENDING by the “Clown Prince” and Congress!!  As “plugbiden says: “Big Fuckin’ Deal!!”

    He does this–and will continue to do so–because he knows the republicRATic leadership in the Congress can’t muster up the balls to stand up to him!!  Said leadership must start calling a liar, a liar!!

Comments, anyone?!?

Til Nex’Time….