What the National Pamphleteers don’t Report:

Amnesty: An Electoral Disaster

Increased immigration and amnesty will hurt the Republican party, not save it.

by John O’Sullivan,


February 6, 2013

My recent column on amnesty and the GOP elicited a number of very passionate comments. I will try to deal with some of them in a separate posting, but one common criticism deserves an immediate response. This was that I had done a serious wrong in focusing on whether amnesty would be bad for Republican electoral prospects, when the right question is whether or not it would be good for America.

The criticism is fair but misdirected. The main focus of my writings on immigration has long been on devising the policy that is best for America and Americans, while taking into account the interests of immigrants, too. (After all, I am one.) Inviting large numbers of people into the country and then treating them harshly, as mere factors of production, is the immigration policy favored by some business advocates of “comprehensive immigration reform.” It is rejected [….]



Who Cares About Jobs When You Can Regulate Happy Meals?

by John Ransom,


February 7, 2013

I wish Obama and the Democrats could be as passionate about jobs as they are about, say, the contents of Happy Meals. Or the dust from cement factories. Or the habitat of the red-cockaded woodpecker.

While the wizard of DC remains a master of illusion and delusion, focusing everyone’s attention on the man behind the curtain- and his 20 Little Martyrs- the jobless recovery now enters its fifth year with no signs that hiring will be picking up soon.

So instead of worrying about the peckers, I wonder about the 12 million martyrs who remain unemployed. And the 3.6 million martyrs who are not in the labor force. And the 8 million [….]



Incoherent Immigration Reform The present system serves many lobbies very well, and the public interest very poorly.

by Victor Davis Hanson


February 7, 2013

Nothing about illegal immigration quite adds up.

Conservative corporate employers still support the idea of imported, cheap, non-union labor — in a strange alliance with liberal activists who want the larger blocs of Latino voters that eventually follow massive influxes from Latin America.

Yet how conservative are businesses that in the past flouted federal law — and how liberal are activists who undermined the bargaining power of American minimum-wage, entry-level workers, many of them minorities?

The remedies for illegal immigration under discussion are just as incoherent. If the government now plans to offer some foreign nationals a pathway to citizenship, does it also suddenly have the will to determine who among illegal immigrants does not qualify for citizenship?

Millions of illegal immigrants have [….]



The Final Argument: The Best Recession in History

by John Ransom,


February 8, 2013

Hey good news everybody.

People are still losing jobs at a faster rate than we’re creating them.

Thank God for the best recession in the history of mankind.

And thank God for Barack Obama being the best recessionary president in the history of mankind.

“This is the best looking contraction in GDP you’ll ever see,” says Paul Ashworth, chief U.S. economist at Capital Economics.

Yeah, just think about how great everything would look if Barack Obama wasn’t president, er… I mean: how bad everything would look.

“Initial claims for state unemployment benefits dropped by 5,000 to a seasonally [….]




As We Say Goodbye to Chris Kyle

by Mark Davis,


February 8, 2013

I will be at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas on Monday, and I know I will take many of you with me in spirit.

But apparently not everybody.

The occasion will be the Texas memorial service for Chris Kyle, an American hero in every sense of the term.  But if it is one battlefield where he earned his honor as our most prolific sniper, it is another battlefield that has sprouted since his death.

This arena is a war of words, sparked by the strong opinions of a variety of people on what Chris Kyle meant to our nation.

To me, he is a prime example of devotion to duty and service to country.  I spoke with him on the “American Sniper” book tour, and he visited my church last year.  He exuded both confidence and humility, and a strong obligation to God, country and family.

The family and country parts are often at odds for our most committed warriors.  When they are at home in the role of husband and father, they are not on the battlefield doing what is necessary to kill the enemy.  When they are engaged with the enemy, they are not at home where their beloved families need them.

This sacrifice only added to [….]



Only 36% Think President, Congress Should Stop March 1 Spending Cuts

by Scott Rasmussen,


February 8, 2013

President Obama and many members of Congress expected strong voter opposition to automatic and across-the-board government spending cuts scheduled for March, but it hasn’t materialized. Partly that’s because most voters recognize that they’re not really spending cuts anyway.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that just 36% of Likely U.S. Voters now think the president and Congress should stop the automatic spending cuts from going into effect next month. Thirty percent (30%) disagree [….]


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