What the National Pamphleteers don’t Report:

Don’t Fear the Sequester Far from being an apocalypse, its cuts don’t do nearly enough.

By Michael Tanner,


February 6, 2013

    On March 1, we are told, the world will end. No, that’s not a new Mayan prophecy; it’s the date on which the spending sequester goes into effect, after being postponed for two months as part of the fiscal-cliff deal. As we move closer to this $965 billion reduction in projected federal spending over the next ten years, voices on both the left and the right are warning that the result will be a disaster of near Biblical proportions.

President Obama says that the sequester will mean “workers being laid off, kids kicked off Head Start, and food safety inspections cut.” Congressional Democrats are no less apocalyptic. Representative Linda Sanchez is typical, claiming that “draconian cuts to critical domestic programs could devastate our current economic recovery.” The first news stories have already appeared warning that the sequester would be “devastating to national parks.” Meanwhile, on the right, Senator Lindsey Graham claims that the sequester would “dismantle the military,” while Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell warns of the “crippling effect these reductions will have on our nation’s security.” [….]



Does Obama Have The Power To Kill Indiscriminately?

Video Report,


February 6, 2013

According to a new memo from the Department of Justice,it sure seems that way. Judge Andrew Napolitano sounds off.




When Security Measures Work

by Scott Stewart,


February 7, 2013

On Feb. 1, a Turkish national named Ecevit Sanli walked up to the side  entrance of the U.S. Embassy in Ankara like many others had done that day.  Dressed inconspicuously, he waved a manila envelope at the man inside the guard  booth as he approached the entrance. The security guard had no reason to  distrust the man approaching the checkpoint; the entrance is used to screen  packages, and perhaps the guard assumed Sanli was dropping off a document or was  a visa applicant at the wrong entrance. What the guard did not know, perhaps, is  that Sanli was a person of interest to the Turkish police, who suspected that he  was plotting an attack.

The guard opened the door of the access control building — the outermost  door of the embassy compound — to speak to Sanli, who took one step inside  before detonating the explosive device that was strapped to his body. The  explosion killed Sanli and the security guard, seriously wounded a journalist  who was visiting the embassy and left two other local guards who were manning  the entrance with minor injuries.

The embassy’s local security personnel, as designed, bore [….]

When Security Measures Work | Stratfor


The 10 Commandments of Productivity

by Alida Moore,


January 23, 2013

As I settled in to write this post, I did three things. First, I did a quick Google search on productivity. Next, I asked my Facebook friends for their favorite tips on improving productivity. Finally, I opened a blank document and typed the title of the post. That process took four minutes. Now, 45 minutes later, nothing else has been completed. What went wrong? Simple, really. I broke every productivity rule I know.


We reached out to PayScale users for insight on tried and true productivity tips. While it’s probably not a good idea to outsource your job to someone more industrious (as one user recommended), if you want to be better at your job, get more accomplished in your work day, and make actual progress on your growing to-do list, consider adopting a few of these rules.

10. Thou Shalt Not Open All the Tabs. If you are like me, your browser often looks [….]



Handouts Create  Life-Sapping Dependency

by Daniel J. Mitchell,


February 8, 2013

Remember Julia, the mythical moocher created by the Obama campaign to show the joys of government dependency? As illustrated by this Ramirez cartoon, Julia symbolizes the entitlement mentality.

Unfortunately, there are many real-life Julias.

I wrote a couple of years ago about Olga, a Greek woman who petulantly believed that government was responsible for her empty life.

But we don’t know any details about Olga other than her desire to mooch, so the best real-world examples of Julia may be from England. We have Natalija, a Lithuanian immigrant who has quickly learned bad habits of dependency, and Danny and Gina, two native-born scroungers.

Natalija, Danny, and Gina all decided to get a [….]



The “Blame Righty” Mob Falls Silent

by Michelle Malkin,


February 8, 2013

Question: How many times over the past four years have exploitative liberal journalists and Democratic leaders rushed to pin random acts of violence on the tea party, Republicans, Fox News and conservative talk radio?

Answer: Nearly a dozen times, including the 2009 massacre of three Pittsburgh police officers (which lib journos falsely blamed on Fox News, Glenn Beck and the “heated, apocalyptic rhetoric of the anti-Obama forces”); the 2009 suicide insurance scam/murder hoax of Kentucky census worker Bill Sparkman (which New York magazine falsely blamed on Rush Limbaugh, “conservative media personalities, websites and even members of Congress”); the 2009 Holocaust museum shooting (which MSNBC commentator Joan Walsh blamed on Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly and yours truly); the 2010 Times Square jihad bomb plot (which Mayor Michael Bloomberg falsely blamed on tea party activists protesting Obamacare); and the 2011 Tucson massacre, which liberals continue to blame on former GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

Question: What will this rabid Blame Righty mob do now that an alleged triple-murderer has singled out prominent lefties in the media and Hollywood for fawning praise as part of his crazed manifesto advocating cop-killing?

Answer: Evade, deflect, ignore and whitewash.

This week, former Los Angeles Police Department Officer Christopher Dorner allegedly shot and killed three innocent people in cold blood. He was the subject of a massive manhunt as of Thursday afternoon. Dorner posted [….]



Read Murder Suspect  Chris Dorner’s Online Manifesto About Slayings Staff and Video Reports,


February 7, 2013

From: Christopher Jordan Dorner /7648 To: America Subj: Last  resort Regarding CF# 07-004281

I  know most of you who personally know me are in disbelief to hear from   media reports that I am suspected of committing such horrendous murders  and  have taken drastic and shocking actions in the last couple of days.  You are  saying to yourself that this is completely out of character of  the man you knew  who always wore a smile wherever he was seen. I know I  will be villified by the  LAPD and the media. Unfortunately, this is a  necessary evil that I do not enjoy  but must partake and complete for  substantial change to occur within the LAPD  and reclaim my name. The  department has not changed since the Rampart and  Rodney King days. It  has gotten worse. The consent decree should never have  been lifted. The  only thing that has evolved from the consent decree is those  officers  involved in the Rampart scandal and Rodney King incidents have since   promoted to supervisor, commanders, and command staff, and executive   positions.

The question is, what would you do to clear your name?

Name; A word or set of words by which a person, animal, place, or thing  is known, addressed, or referred to.

Name Synonyms; reputation, title, appellation, denomination, repute.

A  name is more than just a noun, verb, or adjective. It’s your [….]



Why Did Some Local Media Edit Out Anti-NRA, Pro-Obama Portions of Accused Cop-Killer’s Supposed Manifsto?

by Madeleine Morganstern,


February 7, 2013

{Most of Miz Morganstern’s article has been cut for brievity. JC}

….An LAPD spokeswoman refused to comment to TheBlaze about the request, saying the department would have nothing to say on the matter until Dorner was captured.

Below are portions of the redacted version of the manifesto. The entire thing is available at Gawker (content warning — strong language):

On Obama:

You disrespect the office of the POTUS/Presidency and Commander in Chief. You call him Kenyan, mongroid, halfrican, muslim, and FBHO when in essence you are to address him as simply, President. The same as you did to President George W. Bush and all those in the highest ranking position of our land before him. Just as I always have. You question his birth certificate, his educational and professional accomplishments, and his judeo-christian beliefs. You make disparaging remarks [….]




Proof of a U.S. Police State

by Bob Livingston,

Personal Liberty Digest

February 11, 2013

America has fast descended into a police state. The trouble is that we want to believe in the rule of law and the system that alleges to support and enforce it. But when reality collides with illusion, it is too late. No matter how bad things seem, we always think that times will get better and that government will do the right thing.

Only a few people left Germany in the early 1930s. They could clearly see the evolving tyranny. Many who stayed thought that things would not get so bad or that times would get better. They suffered from normalcy bias, a form of cognitive dissonance. They paid.

The wisdom today is in being able to [….]



Standing Up To UnConstitutional Acts: It’s Happening Now

by Michael Bolden,

Personal Liberty Digest

February 12, 2013

In the not-too-distant future, Congress passes a draconian, UK-style ban on all weapons. Or, maybe the Senate does it through an international treaty. Or, instead of Congress, maybe the President follows in the footsteps of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who whipped up an executive order requiring people to turn in their gold.

The method wouldn’t really matter. The end result would easily be one of the greatest attacks on liberty in American history.

States Nullify Federal Gun Ban

Now imagine a response to such unConstitutional Federal acts in this nightmare scenario. Your State legislator proposes a bill for your State that reads something like this:

A. This legislature declares that all Federal acts, laws, orders, rules or regulations regarding firearms and ammunition are a violation of the 2nd Amendment

B. This legislature declares that all such acts are hereby declared to be invalid in this State, shall not be recognized by this State, are specifically rejected by this State, and [….]



China Surpasses U.S. in International Trade

by “Political Calculations,”


February 13, 2013

In 2012, China became the world’s biggest trading nation, with the total value of that nation’s exports and imports surpassing those of the United States. Bloomberg reports:

U.S. exports and imports of goods last year totaled $3.82 trillion, the U.S. Commerce Department said last week. China’s customs administration reported last month that the country’s trade in goods in 2012 amounted to $3.87 trillion.

Since we have the data, we thought it might be interesting to see just what portion of China’s volume of trade is with the United States. Our charts below show the component data for what the U.S. has imported from China, and also what the U.S. has exported to China in each month since [….]


Part 2 MAY follow….