I’ve Questioned obama’s Political Stance Since Apology Tour

    Remember the infamous “2009 Worldwide Apology Tour” when our very-own “Clown Princeobama bowed-and-scraped to every third-world muslim terrorist-dictator?!?  That’s when I began to wonder about said “Clown‘s” political proclivities.  Seems I’m not the only one (this, from the reaganiterepublican):


Do keep in mind that many in the Arab world are convinced obama is a Shiite Muslim himself–they note that he went after (Sunni) bin Laden aggressively and only supported Arab Spring revolutions against Sunni Muslims and Arab secularists in Libya, Egypt, etc–yet refused to lift a finger against a Shiite-allied (Iran/Hezbollah) Assad regime in Syria nor teetering Tehran itself in 2009–then handed Iraq right over to them.

Circumstantial evidence of  Obama’s Shia-sympathies is indeed considerable…  and I imagine he’d be proud of how Iran is provoking Israel, rather than making  deals with them like (Sunni) Mubarak did. NOW these two nutty, pro-Muslim  nominees to run our nation’s defense and intelligence complex…?


Said proclivities are being confirmed by the nominations of John Heinz-Kerrywho served in Viet Nam–as Sec’y of State; of John Brennan as CIA Director and Chuckie Hagel as Sec’y of Defense.

Heinz-Kerry will replace “Rob’emClinton as America’sClown Princeobama‘s international ‘yes-person.’

John Brennan  A former U.S. Marine/FBI Agent confirmed Brennan‘s conversion: “Mr. Brennan did convert to Islam when he served in an official capacity on behalf of the United States in Saudi Arabia.”  Like-wise, this clown should never be confirmed for anything ‘OBAMA!’

Lil’ Chuckie Hagel is the craftsman of a deal to support the muslim terrorists over the pro-freedom movement.  This clown should never be confirmed!!  We have enough muslim-terrorists and supporters in barackingham Palace!

Today might be the day; right now might be the time, to call your senators and ‘splain all this to them.  If they’re like mine (Chuckie-Cheese SchumerThe Putz of Park Avenue and Kirstenthe invisible senatorGillibrand) any criticism will fall on deaf ears, but I like to call once-a-week or so-just to let ’em know I still exist!!

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