Weed’s About To Get A Lot More Expensiver

    Every aspect of the federal government–in their desire to destroy the United States as the free country we know–has a plan to increase the retail cost of your ‘wacky-weed’ by at least fifty-percent (50%)!! There’s all kinds of ‘bipartisanship’ involved; both parties are working up various plans of attack.  Those from both houses of Congress to the miscreant occupants of barackingham Palace are colluding to tax ‘weed’ in the states where it’s legal by state law.

    With neither major party willing to even consider federal spending reductions, it’s more-and-more necessary to continue feeding the “nanny-statementality of our rulers.  This becomes nothing more than just another source of revenue; to hell with the health, medical or social affects of ever-growing leniency of various drug control options!

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