As Usual, ANOTHER obama Lie!!

    “Clown Princeobamarather than continuing to try to lie his way out of this ‘skeet-shooting’ mess–is ignoring the whole situation, leaving the lies to the rest of his staff.  Early on, obama tried blathering this lie himself:

“Yes, in fact, up at Camp David, we do skeet shooting all the time…Not the girls, but oftentimes guests of mine go up there. And I have a profound respect for the traditions of hunting that trace back in this country for generations.”

It failed to convince even the shallowest, most socio-fascist mind!!  Why the hell did The Bilderberg Group send the “Clown Prince” out to make a statement like that?!?  Everyone who’s heard him speak can easily tell when obama is lying…. His mouth is open; sound is coming out!!

    Early on in the obama federal gun grab, the The Bilderberg-fascists tried to convince the commoners that–contrary to a federal  ‘gun-grab‘–obama actually enjoys shooting weapons.  They even tried to pin a date to the NON-LIE: August 4, 2012! 

On that date, this publicity photo was taken of “Clown Princeobama on the golf course at 4:57PM. 

#1.  Given obama‘s golfing abilities, a photo taken at that time would have taken all afternoon to set up.

#2.  As barackingham Palace Photo-Alteration Office ‘photo-shopped’ a representative photo:

Check the right hand; “similar?!?”


Kind of an odd stance for shooting sports ain’t it?

#3.  At that time, it’s too late in the day to shuttle his fuzzy, almost-white ass to Camp David to set up this phony photo:

Clown Prince obama ‘Set-Up’ Skeet-Shooting’ photo

The above photo is terrific but only if

Clown Princeobama is attempting to assassinate his mouthpiece-Mister Claire Shipman

He aiming too low, unless he missed his first shot. 

I don’t understand why the Photo-Alteration Office in barackingham Palace added that puff of smoke out the side of the muzzle!?! 

A shooter with ANY AMOUNT OF EXPERIENCE doesn’t wrap his thumb around the top of the forestock onto the barrel!


The photo below purports to show “Clown Princeobama boarding ‘Marine-1’ on the same day; August 4, 2012.  Which photo does the ‘Marine-1’ precede, the “gun-slinger” one or the “amateur golfer” one?!?  Does said lyin’ Clown carry several changes of clothing each time he leaves “barackingham Palace?!?


Clown Prince” boarding ‘Marine-1’ (allegedly the same day) enroute to EITHER a skeet-shooting or an amateur golf outing

And now, what will happen with irrefutable proof that “Clown Princeobama lied continually about both his federal ‘gun-grab’ as well as the lie that he “does skeet all the time” at Camp David?!? 

Not a dam’ thing!!

The National Pamphleteer ‘corpse’ will continue to prop him up, as they’ve done for the past 8-10 years.

The Bilderberg Group, “Clown Princeobama and their minions will continue to oft-repeat the ‘official version’ until the “low-information” voters believe it to be the truth!!

Your comments?!?

Til Nex’Time….

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