Who’s the Author?!?

    Who actually decided that Hillary Rob’em Clinton‘s primary response to the various questions from Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee?  Was it Hillary herself or that prose whiz-kid from the most recent Bilderberg Group campaign, Stephanie Cutter?!?  Which one came up with the Hillary utterance:

“What difference does it make?”

    There are ‘tons of questions’ on the Benghazi murders which will never be answered!!  Care to hazard a guess as to why?  It’s because the ruling class is “circling the wagons” to protect their own.  No matter the party, this asinine class will protect any fellow member with respect to his-or-her position on The Bilderberg Group‘s hierarchy roster!!

    What actually “makes a difference” is the Bilderberg-installed “Clown Princeobama Regime has abused it’s power with respect to choices of cabinet secretaries and others of increased power.  No one seems to have the ability to tell the truth; to actually take responsibility for something…. anything!!  Ms Clinton took credit early on in the Benghazi murders, long before anyone realized that members of the non-ruling classes might actually give a shit about the lives of the four murdered Americans! 

    In reading the ‘blow-by-blow’ reports from The UK Guardian (**) one will find twits from various members of the American National Pamphleteer corpse; far more revealing than an American paper would print!!

“The Bilderbergers appeasing the ‘low-information’ voter!!”

Your comments?

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