It All Depends….!!

    Almost a year ago [Feb 18] in Rochester, N.Y., this alcoholic ‘stoner’–high on booze [malt liquor] and [sleeping] pills–started her house on fire ‘cuz she was pissed at a former sperm-donor!!  She [Bobbie Kugler] lit his photo on fire and–in her drunken, drugged stupor–put it on a dresser with other flammables…. how dam’ stupid is that?!?

    The end result of her stupidity is that she managed to kill four of her kids–from three different sperm-donors–and injuring three others.  After that, she was charged with 4 counts of felony assault, 4 counts of manslaughter; felony arson.  Just yesterday Kuglerin Monroe County Court–was sentenced to 7 to 15 years in state prision; that’s seven years for a total of NINE CRIMINAL COUNTS-8 of them felonies; more than likely she’ll be out in 5 years, ready to destroy more lives she’s brought into the world.

    There’s been almost universal outrage over the Sandy Hook murders of last months yet nobody seems too upset over this set of circumstances!!

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