….Jis ‘Cause He Can!

    By law (the Twentieth Amendment), “Clown Princeobama was re-immaculated yesterday, January Twentieth in a private ceremony for family, donors, supporters and others who could afford the exorbitant cost of admittance.

    Today’s re-immaculation ceremony is just forHis Royal Clown-ness;” although his minions were able to sell less than 50% of the tickets they sold for the 2009 photo and blather ops required by law.  Today’s festivities are neither required by law, nor feasible given the sorry state of obamanomics, the general economy, the dismal jobs market, the “four-time” lack of a federal budget, the continued–both civilian and military; both domestic and international–loss of AMERICAN life!!

    Sidebar:  “plugbiden was swarn in by Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor, tho’ not at the same time as the “Clown Prince.”  Seems the Justice was out beating the bushes at a local Barns and Noble in support of her new book.  I’m guessin’ $208,100 per annum ain’t quite enough for Ms Sotomayor!!  Wouldn’t ya think Sotomayor could–and would–hire a staff smart enough to realize that the swearing in would have to be on the Twentieth; and not have scheduled a ‘meet-and-greet’ on her book tour!!

    Get ready:  For more Constitution-shredding; more money pissin’-away; more federal ‘fiddling’ with statistics to make a continually failing obama Regime Bilderberg Group Regime appear to be improving; more obama-ride (green-energy subsidized vehicles); more obama-Fo(phones, in the negroid vernacular); more increased taxes that weren’t supposed to go up; more promises of reduced size of government that WILL NEVER HAPPEN; more financial ‘overhaul.’  We hoped for reduction–obama institutes huge-and-constatly-growing TRILLION DOLLAR PLUS annual federal deficits; likely another obama Apology Tour where our “Clown Prince” bows-and-scrapes to every asshole dictator in all the third-world ratholes on the planet; more obama Stephanie Cutter-generated worthless slogans like “Hope-and-Change” and “Forward,” and on and on and on!!

We’re getting what the Low-Information Voter demanded!!

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Til Nex’Time….