Rush Is Incorrect

    On his show of Friday-last, Rush Limbaugh explained his predictions for the NFC and AFC championship victories, thus the combatants in Super Bowl XLVII would be the San Francisco 49ers versus the New England Patriots.

    Somewhere on their way to another ‘Brady Victory,’ the Patriots stumbled and allowed the Baltimore Ravens to cop the conference title, hence a place in said Super Bowl.  This brings about professional football’s–quite possibly the first in any sport, pro or amateur–first contest between brothers!!  While the Super Bowl combatants remain the players themselves, the national pamphleteer corpse (for your benefit, obama) will write some of their articles like Coach Jim Harbaugh (the Forty-Niners) and Coach John Harbaugh (the Ravens) will be standing toe-to-toe at the fifty-yard line, sluggin’ it out!! 

Not so!! 

The players will be the ones’ sluggin’ it out.

I’d like to see the Ravens, the victors…. for no particular reason.

Your comments?

Til Nex’Time….